Get 1600 Microsoft Points and 2 months Lovefilm Instant for £4.99 with promo code

60 day Lovefilm Instant + 1600 Xbox LIVE points for £4.99

In partnership with parent company Amazon, Lovefilm are offering some fantastic offers on their streaming service – signing up for Lovefilm Instant here or by entering the promo code XB1600 will net you a cool 1600 MS Points and 2 months access to the service for £4.99.

Alternatively, you could take advantage of this offer which gets you a £15 Amazon voucher alongside 1 month  Lovefilm Instant for £4.99 by using promo code AMAZ1598. This would just about get you 2100 MS Points which are £16.87 on Amazon at present.

The only apparent caveats include having to be a new customer and only getting your points or voucher once the first payment has come out. If you never used the Lovefilm service then either of these deals would still get you some cheap MS Points.

Certainly worth a peruse, Lovefilm Instant features some good movies and TV shows that you could rinse through in your first 30 days of use. If you don’t plan of continuing to use the service, cancel your subscription after the first payment and just wait for your MS Points or Amazon voucher to arrive.

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