Humble Bundle Weekly Sale – Alan Wake


Charity begins at home. It can also begin at your computer, whilst playing video games! Picking up the Humble Bundle for this week will net you Alan Wake, and the Xbox Live Marketplace sequel, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The best thing about the Humble Bundle is that you can decide how much to pay for these games, and you can decide who to give it to, out of the developers, the chosen charities, and the creators of Humble Bundle themselves.

Alan Wake has a genre that is hard to pinpoint – action, horror, thriller and psychological are all words that could be used to describe this interesting title, which is developed by the studio ‘Remedy’. You play as Alan Wake (surprise, surprise!), an author specialising in psychological thriller novels, unfortunately suffering with a bad case of writers block. To garner inspiration and passion for taking to the typewriter again, you go on a vacation to the idyllic sounding ‘Bright Falls’ with your wife, on the advice of your agents.


Reading stories that you’ve written but don’t remember, holding your trusty flashlight, and solving mysteries to find the ones you love, along with an intense storyline, mean that we’d definitely put this on our wishlists, if we hadn’t already played it!


Continue the story with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. Based in Arizona, you must face yourself in order to prevail. Get donating and playing games!