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Kickstarter is a organisation that helps set up and support creative projects via other people and companies pledging funds. One company that Kickstarter helped support was GameTee. GameTee wanted to design clothing that was lightweight, soft to touch and stylishly fitted – The Tee for gamers.  With the help of various donations Kickstarter smashed its initial funding goal and that now means we can finally get our hands on GameTee’s amazing designs. GameTee was featured in one of our articles not too long ago called “Best Swag In Town” after we published the piece I was lucky enough to get in contact with the amazing minds behind GameTee, See what we asked them below!


Where did you get the inspiration for GameTee?

We have always had a passion for gaming and video game art. Many years were spent wondering aimlessly around shows, with money burning holes in our pockets but never finding anything worth spending it on. T-shirts were huge, heavy baggy things, with garish plastic logos on the fronts, totally unwearable. It was frustrating to see the lack of thought and care shown by companies that probably knew nothing about the game they were trying to create merch for. We came up with the idea that gamers such as ourselves deserve better. We know our games, because we’ve played them and loved them, we know our market because we’re part of it and we would never produce anything that we wouldn’t wear ourselves.

The designs are brilliant, the gamer would say “Hey, that’s awesome!” and to someone who hasn’t played that game it’s just a cool design, is that what you was aiming for?

Yeah absolutely, with one eye on fashion, our inspiration comes from high end retailer, such as All Saints. We wanted to create clothing that our customers would be able to wear in a number of different ways. For instance our tee’s look incredible with a smart jacket and can be dressed up for a night out. On the other hand, they also look equally as good with a denim jacket or zip up hoodies dressed down. The main thing is that they are wearable on every level. But we think above all to get a knowing wink from a fellow gamer whilst wearing them is pretty awesome!

The designs you make, are they influenced by the games you play?

Yeah for sure, some of the very unique or obscure references we include in our designs would be near on impossible to create if you had never played that particular game. We really hope our love of the games shine through in the designs we create.

Any company you would love to work with?

We have one company that was our dream company to work with and it just so happens that we have some really exciting news coming soon regarding this. For us it was the game that really started it all for us, the game that inspired us for years to come and some of the dark themes from this game are still present in AJ’s art to this day.


Would you like your clothing to be stocked by high street retailers?

This is an interesting question and of course this would be awesome but we would be quite particular on who we would choose, so that we could be true to our customers and ethics.

What is your creative process? – Do you get strict design briefs from your clients or do you get creative freedom?

We have total creative freedom when working on our own designs. With our partners we treat the creative process as a collaboration and in many cases credit the person as co-designer. It’s important that our partners get their say as they know their fans, we love taking direction and ideas from them, the result is a truly excellent end product that they can be proud to offer their fans through Gametee.

Where do you see GameTee in five years time?

We really can’t answer this question fully at the moment, we know where we would like to be and as long as we stick to our morals and our founding principles, which are sincerity, passion, kindness and care, we know we can continue to bring the finest, highest quality goods to gamers, which is what they have always deserved.

How many of your design team are gamers?

We are all passionate, life-long gamers……….

Do you know of any celebrities endorsing the GameTee look?

Wow, our journey has been pretty incredible and we have collected many a celebrity admirers and wearers, which include most notably the gorgeous Dodger Leigh, Jesse Cox backed us originally on Kickstarter and totally rocks his Gametee Tee’s, many members of the Yogscast including Rythian, Nilesy, Zoey. The Chaosville team, who are really up and coming. Our fans also include some high profile game developers such as Ryan Payton of Camouflaj and hopefully many more to come!!

What are your team’s favorite games?

For AJ her favourites include Final Fantasy 7, Fallout New Vegas, Ace Attorney, Abe’s Odyssey, Half Life, Minecraft. Lucy’s choices are a little less epic, she really enjoys Left for Dead 2, Skyrim, Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy 12 but has been playing since the ZX Spectrum days without giving away her age too much!

Who would win in a fight, The Hulk or Godzilla, and what t-shirts do you think they would be wearing?

We think our money would be on Godzilla just through sheer size and weight advantage. Hulk would need a constant supply of tee’s for the fact that he rips his quite often, so he could have the latest Gametee tee’s on tap. We don’t at present cater for gigantic reptiles, but who knows what the future may bring!


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