Battlefield 4 at E3 – Multiplayer Highlights

If you’ve not seen the latest on Battlefield 4 then where have you been? E3 played host to a vast amount of amazing games this year but Battlefield 4 and the multiplayer showcase were a huge highlight. Graphically this game is stunning and at Twinstick we are going to give you the lowdown on what we know so far.

Battlefield 4 will be release October 29th 2013 and will feature on PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 and Xbox 360. No mention of a Wii U release at present but as Battlefield 4 runs on the Frostbite 3 engine it is unlikely to make the jump to Wii U. The Frostbite 3 engine has helped EA and Dice create the most realistic looking Battlefield games to date and the footage left audiences stunned.

Next Gen consoles are boasting that the game will run in 60 frames per second and will allow up to 64 online players per game. Current gen will sadly only have 24 players online at one time. This next gen boost will certainly help to not only drives sales but immerse players in a much more frantic type of warfare.

All the usual game modes such as Conquest and Rush will be present in the new game but EA announced two new modes Spectator Mode and the return of Commander Mode. Commander Mode allows a single player on each team to act as a supporting role by issuing instructions to other players via a top down screen interface. This means the player will be able to launch missiles, deploy vehicles or enable UAV’s to aid their team. This mode will also be available to use on I-Pad and various android devices meaning you can help your clan without even needing your console.

Two expansion packs have also been announced, one will be a timed exclusive for the Xbox One. The first expansion pack will be China Rising and will apparently be free to all who pre-order Battlefield 4. This will include 4 new maps, vehicles and gear. The second expansion will be Second Assault which is the Xbox One timed exclusive and will be a selection of 4 “fan favourite” maps.

A beta test for Battlefield 4 will be coming in the fall and for those who are either a premium player or pre-ordered Medal of Honour: Warfighter back in 2012 will have the opportunity to be part of the Beta test.

Finally this brings us to the most exciting feature Battlefield is offering in the new single-player and multiplayer campaigns. The ridiculously named Levelution. Don’t know which idiot thought of that as a name but if you thought previous Battlefield’s had enough destructible environments then you need to see the latest in game footage of Battlefield 4. Levelution allows players to to bring Skyscrapers crashing to the ground changing the face of the entire battlefield itself.

However, Patrick Bach was recently grilled by The Verge who discovered that what was being touted as a fully destructible environment wasn’t necessarily true. Bach defended the game by stating that certain objects and environments were destructible and to create a game that was subject to total annihilation would take away from what makes Battlefield great “We’re focusing destruction on where it makes sense and doesn’t [negatively] affect the actual game” Bach went on to add “Grand Theft Auto says it’s about freedom… it’s not freedom, but it feels free…..That’s what drama is all about: you create a set playground for the player, and then you release them.” This argument revolves around the idea that limitations are what in fact creates the challenge and appeal of the game. Others would debate that having one wall that explodes and another thats invulnerable doesn’t make any sense. After seeing the footage, I for one am grateful that players still have a planet to fight on.

E3 saw much of the focus surround Battlefield’s Multiplayer so as for the single player campaign, details are scarce. We know the games main antagonists will be China. Executive Producer Patrick Bach also stated that they wanted to create a single-player campaign that was very much in keeping with the multiplayer experience “if you’re playing multiplayer, you actually care about the guys in your squad. Those are often your friends, they have their personalities, you help them, they help you, and they have their own mindset. Now we need to create a single-player that mimics that feeling.”

No matter how you cut it or how much you try to pick out flaws, Battlefield 4 was a show stopper at E3 (that literally stopped)

Here’s that amazing multiplayer video for you guys

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