Banned Xbox Live players wont be prevented from accessing their games, says Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb


Microsoft needed to clear up some confusion recently thanks to the twitter page of Xbox support.

One such user of twitter asked if his account was banned would he still have access to his Xbox One games, because as we know, offline isn’t really a “thing” with the new Xbox one. The reply was very much “No” because you forfeit the right to play them under your Terms of Use.


After outrage sparked up on the internet forums (where else eh?) and the Twitter feed of Xbox support was bombarded, Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb was the first person to clear everything up via an interview with /r/Games, he states the Tweet from the Xbox support account was “Absolutely” untrue, and that “you would always have access to the games purchased” .

So there’s another mixed message added to the list that Microsoft seem to be ticking off, regardless, here’s a pro tip; Don’t Get Banned

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