The Division – Whats it all about?

Tom Clancy’s the Division was the final game shown by Ubisoft at this years E3. You can see why they left it till last. An amazingly well realised post apocalyptic open world multiplayer survival shooter.

The demo opened with a video detailing the fragile and complex world we live in. Its all very nicely produced and worked well to create the atmosphere ahead of the actual gameplay. We’re told a pandemic hits on Black Friday, within five days the world is buggered. This is where the player comes in. Small teams will group up and venture out into a vast, dense and incredibly detailed world in search of resources and survivors.


It was by far the most visually interesting game I saw. Just look at the image above again, its ok i’ll wait. Back? its insane isn’t it. Thats an in game screen cap. Ubisoft’s other new open world title, Watch dogs wowed us at last years E3 with an impressive interactive game world but this is something else. Textures on the players clothes, cars and the world in general are truly jaw dropping. Ambient lighting and fantastic particle effects, along with the ultra high resolution textures make the Division a stand out game at E3 2013.

The seven minute gameplay demo starts with a group of three human players looking down a ruined New York street. From the information given in the intro video we’re to assume the world went to shit about a week after the initial pandemic. It looks like the standard third person shooter mechanics, as the player navigates the stunning environment we see the vast scale of this world. How much can we explore of all this? We’re not too sure yet.


As the team of three get into combat with some NPC soliders we are given some information on skills and weapon load outs. A shout out from another player suggests a mix of various skills and abilities that could be spread out across your team. When the shooting started, gunplay looked solid and impressive. again the level of detail on show here is groundbreaking, glass shatters and tires pop from gunfire. We also see another player piloting an aircraft of some kind. This along with an encounter at the end of the video gives the impression that this is a persistant world to some degree.

The Division looks to be a game with huge ambition and truly next gen graphics. Overall information is still pretty slim at the moment. You can check out the official Division website for the latest news.

Check out the video below for the full seven minutes of gameplay.

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