World of Warcraft: Patch 5.4 expectations

Patch 5.4 has been a long talked about discussion in the WoW community for the past few months and when it will appear live on our servers? the rumour mill suggests the end of August.

5.4 looks to be a promising patch with a great amount of changes according to the public test realms, but what exactly is happening in 5.4? Here is the latest run down of the patch information.


Siege of Orgrimmar – Well, it seems Garrosh Hellscream may have finally completely lost the plot after his brutal and rash antics over the last year! He’s jumped in the deep end and is attempting to harness the old god Y’shaarj’s power to defeat the Alliance, and most of the other races in his own faction who aren’t “The True Horde”. We will finally be able to run into Orgrimmar and kick his butt in this all new raid which will please most Alliance and Horde players (let’s face it he’s no Thrall). But this leaves a pressing question…who will be the new Warchief?


Flexi Raids – Flexible difficulty is designed for pre-made groups of 10 to 25 man teams and everything in-between! Ever had trouble getting a full team? 1 person hasn’t shown up and it puts a dampener on your whole raid night? Well don’t fear! The new flexible raid system adjusts the raid and bosses automatically to the people present, allowing you to earn gear between raid finder and normal difficulty with any number of your friends and guildies! Eliminating the need to do raid finder with strangers.

Connected Realms – Blizzard have described connected realms as “A set of two or more standard realms that have been permanently and seamlessly “linked.” Players on the same Connected Realm will be able to trade, send and receive mail, join the same guilds, access a single Auction House, run the same Raids and Dungeons, and join other adventurers to complete quests” So if your server feels dead it will instantly feel populated, which eliminates the need to server transfer to one with a higher population and as long as your friends server is linked with yours, you can play together! I assume that PvP servers will be linked with PvP servers, PvE with PvE and RP with RP.

Timeless Isle – A new mysterious island has appeared to the east of the Jade Forest! But this is no easy adventure for solo explorers; those who are skilled enough can earn themselves a whole range of goodies from epic loot, bind-to-account gear, Mogu Runes of Fate, pets, mounts, fun toys, and more. There will be a wide range of random events and 5 new world raid bosses to defeat, including the four Celestials.


Arena –  If you’re a big PVPer like myself, you’ll be interested to know the arena system is getting a big shake up. You will no longer need to create or join an arena team to participate – you can play when you like with whomever you like, even cross-server. Instead of a team rating, each player will have a personal rating which will increase and decrease as usual with defeats and victories and you will be placed into matches with people of a similar rating. Matches lasting over 15 minutes will cause one of the teams to receive the buff ‘the crowd chose you’ which will increase damage, crit chance, stealth detection, and reduces damage taken. You can be the team to get this buff by having the most players alive, or being the team that brought an enemy closest to death. But don’t worry, top players will still earn titles and mounts at the end of the season!

PVP – It will be the new season and with that comes all the usual goodies! Season 14 grievous gear will be available and Season 13 Tyrannical gear can now be purchased with Honor Points. Conquest points earned from random or Call-to-arms have increased! first win will earn you 150 points up from 100 and any wins after that will earn you 75 points up from 50! Very nice.


Proving Grounds – The last thing I’m going to talk about is the new proving grounds! Designed for PvE’ers, it allows level 90 Tanks, Healers or DPS (damage per second) to practice and improve their skills in a controlled environment. The trials come in varied difficulties which include different and harder to defeat enemies. This will be a great thing for newbies before entering the big bad world of raiding but even if you’re a veteran of your class and role, you can compete and and compare scores with friends.

There is a lot more coming in patch 5.4 – I could have rambled on all day, but these I feel are the highlights of what’s to come. Let’s hope we see it soon!


Rose Lavery

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