A busy week for GTAV fans

Rockstar’s super franchise Grand Theft Auto V has had a number of stories in the game press this week. From the leaked soundtrack, to the achievements and trophies giving players an insight in to the challenges on offer. Sony also made a major boo boo when they released critical game data to PSN users. All this could be dangerous for any other developer but Rockstar don’t seem to be sweating it too much. If fact they have released some more information on the GTAV travelogue page.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 09.36.44

There is a whole wealth of info on the site, ranging from the exclusive country clubs (almost definitely a place that Trevor won’t have access to). Shopping malls, the great outdoors and countless others to be revealed should keep gamers busy for months.


In other GTA V news, players who have pre-ordered the collectors edition will get to play as the off-spring of GTA IV’s protagonist, Niko Bellic via the GTA Online character creation system. The system sounds unusual – where you get to choose your character’s mother and father and then build a character based on a mixture of their parents attributes (sounds a little bit like Superstar Mode in Madden games). Those who pick up the collectors edition will have Niko as a selectable ‘father’. It’s unsure whether you will get bombarded with phone calls from Roman’s children with requests for bowling dates and titties.

Rockstar have also announced the official trailer is to be released on Thursday. While we all wait for that, check out the awesome gameplay and GTA Online trailers below.

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