Sony to release PS4 bundle with two Dualshocks, Killzone and Camera – same price as an Xbox One.

ps4 bundle

Following Microsoft’s reveal that a digital copy of FIFA 14 would be bundled with every Day One edition of the Xbox One at Gamescom comes this listing from Amazon France.

For €499, the online retailer is offering a PS4 bundled with two Dualshock 4 controllers, the Playstation 4 Camera and a copy of Killzone Shadow Fall – that €499 price tag equates to roughly the same price as an Xbox One Day One edition, which would include one controller, Kinect and a digital copy of FIFA 14. No word as yet to whether the copy of Killzone included in the above bundle is physical or digital but from previous experience, having the software case displayed on the box indicates that there is a physical copy of the title inside.

Whilst UK specialist retailer GAME has announced an exclusive bundle containing limited editions of both Killzone and Drive Club, the aforementioned PS4 bundle is likely to be released without such exclusivity. That said, until an official announcement from Sony, nothing can be certain. Either way, this bundle speaks of broader moves by Sony to position the PS4 as a more financially viable console than the Xbox One. Considering the estimated price of both the Dualshock 4 and the Xbox One controller is around £50-£60, from a consumer perspective, Sony’s console is certainly the more attractive option.

Whilst both Sony and Microsoft have moved about from releasing machines with two specifications, Sony appear to be holding onto an entry level and premium bundle approach to selling the PS4. With this move, Sony have managed to snag the important cheaper price tag for entry level users with their solus machine, as well as highlight the better value of their console by offering an Xbox One comparable bundle for that £429 price tag and going one better than Microsoft.

The real kicker here will be stock availability – regardless of the better value of Sony’s £429 bundle, should it be limited to certain territories or have low stock levels, ground level consumers may not be able to take advantage of such a deal. Similarly, whilst Microsoft’s inclusion of FIFA 14 with every Day One edition of the Xbox One may have gained them some support, when and if supplies  of that sku run out, Sony’s bundle gets around a £100 difference in value.

All the divisive arguments regarding system specifications or launch line-ups count for nothing if a consumer simply cannot purchase one of these next generation consoles. As such, TwinStickGaming awaits official confirmation of the new PS4 bundle and look to the months ahead for details regarding launch day stock levels. If the only thing that this back and forth between Microsoft and Sony does is increase the value for the consumer then all the better – lets hope the one-upmanship continues.

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