Lego to take on Skylanders and Disney Infinity

As mentioned in our Disney Infinity article, we believed that once Disney entered the fray of the toy-to-games market others would follow. With Activision’s Skylanders leading the way, who would be big and bold enough to take on these two powerhouses? Lego that’s who.


The Lego games market has boomed with releases such as Lego Lord of the Rings, Lego Star Wars and the upcoming Lego Marvel Superheroes, but despite their growing success, Lego want a piece of the toy-to-games action.

The plan is a simple yet cost effective one. Lego already sell the ever popular Lego Minifigures and have decided to incorporate them into their Lego Minifigures Online game which is due in 2014. But instead of making a base or portal to place your toy onto the mini collectable simply comes with a code, which imports your character into the new online adventure.

lego 1Currently the Lego Minifigures are on their 11th series and have been the biggest selling toy in the UK for approximately every month since it’s launch three years ago, according to NPD. Each toy costs only £2, which is incredibly cheap compared to the competition, the only downside is that these toys are in sealed packaging so you have no idea which toy you are buying. Disney Infinity have also incorporated a similar idea by having mystery power discs you can purchase for around £4. The idea of the figure being a mystery seems to be the attraction though and we have no doubt that, as a result, Lego Minifigures Online will be a success.

One question remains. If this is seen as competition for Disney what will that mean for Lego franchises such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars. I imagine, provided the relationship remains a lucrative one, Disney will embrace Lego’s new game and try their best to incorporate as many franchises on there as possible.

disney infinity marvel 2

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Interestingly, while Lego has now placed itself in direct competition with Skylanders and Disney Infinity, the approach is somewhat different. This is largely due to the formats the Lego Minifigures Online will appear on. Lego have this time avoided the console market altogether and instead opted for iOS, Android and PC. It appears that no matter where you turn, Android gaming is here to stay and whilst 100’s of games are being produced for the Android market on a daily basis I’m sure Lego will not worry about being lost in the infinite void of developers.


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