Titanfall at PAX – “feels like nothing we’ve ever played before.”

Following a GamesCom showing which left critics stunned, Titanfall once again wows at PAX – allowing the public hands on time with new map Angel City and new mode Attrition.

Abbie Heppe, Community Manager for Respawn Entertainment gushed about the possibilities of Pilot Vs Pilot, Pilot Vs Titan and Titan Vs Titan combat. The asynchronous, fast flowing nature of the footage we have seen thus far highlights the dynamic shifts that can occur when Titans hot drop into a firefight – reminding us once again that this isn’t just another shooter.

Also on hand were members of pro gamer crew compLexity Gaming who were notably impressed with the fluid control scheme, the speed of play and the possibilities of chaining double jumps. By differentiating itself from other competitive shooters not only with its setting and the inclusion of Titans but also with liberating freedom of movement, Titanfall looks set to rock the multiplayer shooter to its core much like Modern Warfare did back in 2007.

Gaining new fans with every showing, Titanfall looks to be one of most compelling reasons to purchase an Xbox One come its release Spring 2014.

James Smart

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