Registrations open for October Dark Souls 2 Beta


With the soon to arrive next generation consoles comes the inevitable discussion surrounding the best games of the soon to be eclipsed current gen. For me, this conversation starts and ends with Dark Souls. As much as I loved the Mass Effect trilogy, marveled at Bioshock’s signalling of things to come and championed Halo’s multiplayer, no other game of this generation held my attention like Dark Souls.

With a notorious difficulty level, unique ‘mingleplayer’ features and an enveloping atmosphere, Dark Souls was all the more enrapturing because of the impenetrable nature of its depths. Suffice to say, I await Dark Souls 2 with the same verve you might expect from a kid at what is sure to be a very bloody Christmas. Praise the sun indeed.

Announced on the Dark Souls Facebook page, FROM Software are now accepting applications for two rounds of a Dark Souls 2 PS3 Beta. The first round kicks off on 12th October and will focus on testing “asynchronous online elements such as ghosts, blood stains, blood letter messages, etc.” whilst the second round will focus on the testing of Dark Souls staples such as summoning and invasion and begins 27th October.

The Dark Souls 2 beta website notes, “There will be no functional differences in these tests. (Functions will be identical for all tests.)” This can be seen to mean that whilst the focus of each test will be different, all aspects of Dark Souls 2’s online offering will be available to players of either round of the beta. More on this and the rest of the beta when we get it.

Beta registrations are accepted until 5th October and successful applicants will be notified 11th October.

Register for the beta here or check out Dark Souls Facebook for more information.

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