World of Warcraft: My First Look At Timeless Isle


So, Patch 5.4 went live for us in Europe yesterday morning and it’s been quite a busy server experience.

I was most intrigued about the Timeless Isle when reading the patch notes, a place which promises endless killing, boss events and loot galore for Epics and Mounts, so naturally I decided to check it out first.

In order to get the quest to visit the Timeless Isle, you must first go to your respective main city in Pandaria (Horde – Shrine of 2 Moons, Alliance – Shrine of the 7 Stars), you will then automatically accept the quest ‘Flash Of Bronze’ while flying into the city, this tell’s you to visit everybody’s favourite Gnome Dragon, Chromie, outside the seat of knowledge.

Chromie will hand you the quest ‘Travel to Timeless Isle’ in which you will have to speak to Watcher Lara. The Timeless Isle is situated off the coast of Jade Forest, but don’t worry as-long as you keep moving you won’t die a horrible, fatigue based death. Also note that Timeless Isle is a no fly area, so as soon as you enter the zone you will automatically dismount into the water.


After that, head to Tushui Landing to meet Watcher Lara, make sure you pick up the flight path, and hand in the quest. She will give you a quest to go and speak to Time Keeper Kairoz and he will teach you all the different aspects of the Isle and how it works.

He will give you two quests at first to get you started. One quest, ‘Timeless tour’, will tell you to explore the Isle, he literally makes you walk around the isle visiting all the ruins and other points of interest. I suppose this is so you can get a good idea of which enemies, vendors, and world bosses are where – so it’s useful, if not terribly dramatic.
The other quest asks you to collect 1000 Timeless coins (these coins being the currency on the Isle) and introduce yourself to Mistweaver Ai and Ku who are situated on the opposite side of the Celestial Court to Kairoz.
Ai and Ku are also the quartermasters and sell item level 476 weapons,496 armour, 535 trinkets and also mounts, battlepets and armour caches – which are appropriate to your loot specialisation.


For those of you who love pet battles they are also two quests for you situated near Time Keeper Kairoz.
‘The Celestial Tournament’ quest – this is a very tough fight and not for the casual battle pet owner, it consists of a total 7 fights, 3 legendary pet teams and 4 legendary elite boss solo pets and then there’s a daily quest to defeat Little Tommy Newcomer.
Doing these Pet Battle quests will earn you celestial coins to buy the new celestial battle pets or pet treats from the nearby vendor.

The main thing to get is the Timeless Coins and to get these you will need to kill anything and everything you come across; the more difficult the mob the more coins you get! Keep an eye out for loot chests and rare spawns on your mini map, as these have the potential to give you armour tokens and extra coins too.
I’d suggest maybe doing a little research on any new elite enemies you wish to fight though – so you get a good understanding of how to avoid any hard hitting attacks and lowering your death rate.

I really enjoyed was the Celestial Challenge in The Celestial Court. A group of players go into the middle and challenge the four Bosses to battle, each with different tactics and strategies! I love world events, coming together with players you don’t know for a common goal – loot and achievements!


However, one thing that has left me a little disappointed is the amount of time and effort it takes to tag enemies for yourself. There are lots of other people attempting the same quests as you and, as usual with new patches, nothing new lives for long after it respawns.  I suggest teaming up with some people or waiting a few days after the new patch hype dies down, otherwise you’re going to be stood watching more of the action than taking part in it!

And that’s really it! Timeless Isle is a great way to gear up Alts, especially with all the armour tokens being BOA (bind on account). It’s also great to get new shiny mounts and battle pets, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort (with the ‘Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent’ costing 100,000 Timeless Coins)

Playing it yourself? Share any Timeless Isle tips and tricks with us in the comments section!

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