GTA 5: Bail Bond Mission Locations

Whilst playing as Trevor in GTA 5 you’ll come across Maude. She is one of Trevor’s ‘Strangers and Freaks‘ missions and assigns Trevor Bail Bond (bounty hunter) missions. Maude has a file on 4 bail jumpers and texts you the location of each. One snag is the picture doesn’t give much away and doesn’t come with much of a description. The picture itself is a small birds eye view of the surrounding area. As you can imagine finding these four guys isn’t easy considering how vast Los Santos is. So here at Twinstickgaming we’ve helped you out by marking the four locations for each bail jumper.

But firstly you’ll need to find Maude. She can be located around here;

Note; If you bring back the bounty’s alive and well, Maude will pay you more.


Maude asks you to hunt down Ralph who is hiding at the bottom of a nearby Quarry.

Tip; Once you reach Ralph don’t go down to the bottom of the quarry. He’ll jump in his car and attempt to get away. If you equip the sniper rifle you can shoot out his tyres before approaching him. Making the arrest easier. Head back to Maude to collect the bounty money.



This one by far is the most difficult to find as Larry doesn’t appear to be near any major landmarks. I spent hours searching for this guy. The only thing I knew was, he had to be relatively close to Maude.

Warning: Larry Tupper is not alone and has several armed friends. Take care not to shoot him.

Hint: Larry is hiding near an abandoned farm/barn in the Great Chaparral/Grand Senora Desert area. The barn is slightly off road and elevated from the main roads. THE MAP SHOWS AN APPROXIMATE LOCATION.


Glenn is certainly the most fun to hunt down. He’s hiding up on Mount Chiliad just below where the skylift ends. Should you travel up the mountain by car. Instead of turning left up towards the skylift, turn right at Bell’s End (yes you read that right – this is GTA after all). There you will see Glenn who is ready to skydive from the mountain. Short of shooting Glenn dead, there is no way to apprehend him from the mountain. You’ll have to go after him but DON’T FORGET TO PICK UP YOUR PARACHUTE ON THE MOUNTAIN. Otherwise the arrest may be somewhat short lived. Pursue him all the way down the mountain to the Alamo Sea. If you time your drop to perfection and use the precision landing mode (learnt in flight school) you tackle Glenn to the ground.

HINT: Purchase the stun gun should you fail to tackle Glenn.


Last up is Curtis Weaver. Curtis is far north of the map hiding out in a Hobo Village just off the Great Ocean Highway. Once you enter the Hobo Camp turn right where you’ll see a bunch of homeless people. Curtis is old but he is armed and isn’t afraid to shoot. However, after a few rounds are exchanged Curtis heads to the hills. Run after him and take care to use the stun gun. Once he gives up take him back to Maude for your last payment.

Hint: Take the stun gun as Curtis is easy to kill.

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