New South Park: The Stick of Truth trailer reveals release date, Grand Wizard Edition


It is a good week to be a South Park fan.

The long awaited 17th season premiere hit American shores and torrent sites alike whilst Ubisoft have released a new and deliciously funny trailer for the Stick of Truth which also drops the release date bomb.

Please note that the Destiny trailer contains some scenes that could be considered NSFW – viewer discreetion is advised.

Coming to the UK on December 13th, South Park: The Stick of Truth looks to be even more epic than the final battle in that Lord of the Rings movie and stays true to the show’s paper cut out animation style and absurd sense of humor whilst incorporating a Super Mario RPG style battle system.

Following reports that Trey Stone and Matt Parker, creators of the show and writers on the game, had to cut down an 850 page script, it stands to reason that there will be enough crass and borderline offensive material to satisfy any and all South Park fans.

south park grand wizard edition

Ubisoft also announced a special Grand Wizard Edition of the game that features a KidRobot Grand Wizard Cartman figure, bonus DLC and Cartman’s hand-drawn map of South Park Kingdom. Retailing for $79.99 in the US, the special edition looks set to be a compelling purchase for any South Park fan.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is set to release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC December 10th in the US and December 13th in the UK,

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