Dark Souls 2 Japanese beta footage looks beautiful and familiar

With the Japanese beta for Dark Souls 2 kicking off in earnest, the large contingent of hardcore Dark Souls fans have been treated to their first look at uninterrupted gameplay from the highly anticipated sequel.

Lets be clear – I am amongst that hardcore contingent.

Following game director Yui Tanimura’s assertion that Dark Souls 2 would be more accessible, there were worries that From Software’s latest would be a departure from the series standards of intense difficulty and near impenetrable depths.

The first footage of the beta (sourced from Neogaf) looks to put any and all fears regarding the direction of the series to rest. Quite thankfully, the first thing that comes to mind when viewing footage of the Dark Souls 2 beta is how familiar everything appears to be. Combat in Dark Souls and Demons Souls alike became intricate dances of blocks, parries and backstabs and whilst the Dark Souls 2 appears to be afford more freedom of movement, the unforgiving and tense encounters with enemies remains the same.

Below are a series of in-game videos from the Japanese version of the beta. We at TwinStickGaming expect a large influx of new Dark Souls 2 information as ourselves and other hardcore fans pore over gameplay footage in order to learn as much as we can about the game as we can ahead of its March release date.


See how you can register for the Dark Souls 2 Beta here.

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