Warcraft Movie Announcement Date – December 18th 2015!

So it’s been announced via Twitter that the Warcraft Movie based on Blizzard’s Warcraft and World of Warcraft franchise has a release date of December 18th 2015!

Many of us Warcraft fans thought this day was never going to happen, seeing as it’s been in the rumour mill for years – but with talks of actors Colin Farrel and Paula Patton being somehow involved with the movie already and now this announcement, I can’t help starting to feel really excited about it all.

My only hope is that the film is not something unbearably cheesy and childish, I’d hope for a more Lord of the Rings epic style, while playing on some cooler parts of the Warcraft lore, and of course to see some great recognisable landmarks from the game.

It will be really interesting to see how this movie develops over the next few years and I for one can’t wait to see a trailer, but what do you hope for? Are you wanting to see your favourite Warcraft story on screen or are you hoping for a totally unique plot? Let us know in the comments section.

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