GTA 5: Spaceship Parts Guide – Locations 1 – 25

Welcome to Twinstickgaming. In GTA 5 you’ll meet a hippy in Sandy Shores (he’s one of Franklin’s Strangers and Freaks Missions). This hippy will entrust you with the task of finding 50 Alien Spaceship Parts. In this guide we will cover the precise location of the first 25 alien spaceship parts and I will add a link to the bottom of this post as I update the remaining 25 Spaceship Parts.

Side note: Whilst Franklin is the one to activate this mission, any of the 3 main characters can collect the Alien Spaceship Parts and return to the Hippy for the reward.

First here is the main map for reference should you need it.

If you take Chop (your Dog) with you he’ll run to the precise location of the Spaceship Parts and bark louder the closer he gets. If not you can listen out for a strange emanating humming sound if you get lost. It’s a sure sign as to whether you are close or not.

So here we go

1) Los Santos State Gas Company

Head to the Port of South Los Santos. Here you will see two huge dome shaped concrete Gas Tankers (you can’t miss them) On one side is a set of steps. Climb all the way to the very,very,very top and you’ll see a walkway connecting both tankers. In the middle of the walkway is the first Spaceship Part.

2) Los Santos International Airport

This one is hidden at the very back of the airport, behind the building marked ‘1.’ Just take care because once you set foot across the runways the police will be onto you – so move fast to collect Spaceship Part Number 2

3) Elysian Island Dock

Drive out to the dock and you will see blue building and a set of metal stairs leading into the dock building. DO NOT GO IN THE BUILDING. Instead turn to face the water, you will see a set of ladders leading into the water. Dive in, swim as deep as possible and just in front of you (glowing bright) should be the 3rdSpaceship Part.

4)Murrieta Oil Fields

If you head to the small beach south of the Murrieta Oil Fields you’ll come across some rock islands. Swim out to the second one and you’ll bag the 4th Spaceship Part.

5) El Burro Heights

After locating the 4th spaceship part head back to the beach and head west towards a dirt road that leads back up to the main road. DO NOT GO UP THE DIRT ROAD. Instead stay on the beach and head behind it. You’ll see a storm drain where the Spaceship Part Number 5 is located.

6) Rancho, Dutch London Street

Look for a sculpture in the shape of 3-4 spires around London Dutch Street. They are tall and easy to spot against the surrounding low-rise buildings. Walkthrough the open gate to the sculpture and look to your right. Bingo! Spaceship Part Number 6

7) El Burro Height Oil Field

Not far from the scrapyard (one of the properties you can own) is the 7th piece. Take care examining the buildings as there are roughly three to investigate and all look similar. But look out for graffiti on the wall and there next to it will be a container with an open door. Look inside – to collect Spaceship Part Number 7.

8) Davis, South Los Santos

This one is easy to find. Just head to the Medical Centre (Hospital) in South Los Santos. One of the buildings will have a huge yellow ladder scaling one of the buildings. This leads to the helipad. Spaceship Part Number 8 is in plain sight.

9) Strawberry, Olympic Freeway

Head to the Olympic Freeway in the centre of the main City area. You want to be under the freeway not on it. Here you will find a Hobo camp. Amongst it are lots of dirty sofas. Two of them are enclosed by a low wall next to a stairway that leads down. Don’t go down the stairs look behind you and hey presto Alien Spaceship Part number 9

10) Vespucci, Palomino Avenue

Head west to Palomino Avenue. Look for the big tall standing billboard next to the Liquor Hole outlet. Go behind the Liqour Hole and you see a set of ladders. Climb to the top and between the billboard to collect Spaceship Part Number 10.

11) Murrieta Heights, El Rancho Boulevard.

A nice easy one to find. Head East to Vespucci towards the river damn on El Rancho Boulevard. Here you’ll see a freeway. Just before you head under the freeway look to your left and you’ll see a building with an open space, pipes and ladder in front of it. Hop over the railings to grab the 11th Spaceship Part.

12) Vinewood Lake Tower

If you haven’t already got yourself a helicopter I suggest you go get one now. From now on many Spaceship Parts are unattainable without one. As is the case with Spaceship Part number 12. Head to the centre of the map towards a fenced off lake area. Here you will see a bridge and a tower. The Artefact is on the top of the tower and there is no way to climb it. Instead either parachute down or carefully land your helicopter on the small tower. This took me several attempts to land the helicopter perfectly, but that’s because I’m rubbish.

However, according to fduncall who commented below there is another way to climb the tower.

“For spaceship 12: easy way to climb the tower. Drive up with Franklin´s bike to the narrow path leading to the tower, park it parallel to the wall, jump on your bike then get on top of the tower”

NOTE: Spaceship Part 23 is right near here, so if you don’t fancy a return trip quickly skip to Number 23 and then revert back to here.

13) Tongva Hills Cave

Once again jump in the helicopter and head to the Tongva Hills. About midway down Route 11 head west. You’ll come across a large mountain with a stream running right through the middle of it. About half way up and along the steam is a secluded cave. Inside the cave is Spaceship Part Number 13.

14) Textile City Sinners Passage

Head to the location on the map and you will see an alley/market place named Simmet Alley. About half way down the alley there is a nook with the 14th Spaceship Part

15) Downtown, Swiss Street.

Once again you will need a helicopter. About a block away from part 14 head north to Downtown Swiss street and search for the tall Penris Building. On the rooftop is the 15th Spaceship Part.

16) Underground Tram Station

This one is a pain to find but I’ve tried to make it easy for you. Think of this as a ‘life in pictures’ moment where I will guide you step by step to locating the 16th Alien Spaceship Part. Firstly this one is underground so the location on the map is NOT the artefact but the entrance to the underground tram station.

It is incredibly easy to get lost down here so please follow the instructions as well as the pictures and you should be fine.

  • Step 1. Go through the underground tunnel.
  • Step 2. Turn right when exiting the tunnel and follow the red lights
  • Step 3. You’ll come to 2 tunnels. Take the one on the right.
  • Step 4. Once you come out of that tunnel you encounter another 2 tunnels. Go right again.
  • Step 5. You’ll come across water. Refer to the pic. If you are facing the same way as the picture, turn around and head in the opposite direction. I would have taken a picture of the direction you are supposed to go but it was a little non-descript.
  • Step 6. If you come across some pumps you are headed in the right direction
  • Step 7. You’ll see a makeshift metal ramp which leads to a tunnel to the left.
  • Step 8. You’ll enter a huge room that is the tram station. The instant you enter this room turn right and look over the red blockade. You find the 16 Alien Spaceship Part.
  • Step 9. Now enjoy getting out of there.

17) Richards Majestic Movie Set

WARNING MINOR SPOILER. If you have met Solomon playing as Michael, then you will find Michael is free to roam the movie set, unobstructed. Any other character entering the movie lot will attract the attention of armed security and the police.

Firstly look for a set being held up by huge red girders. If you look around that you’ll see a street leading to a movie set with a fountain in the middle. Look to your left and you’ll see a small set of steps near a cameraman or lighting engineer. Head up them and climb over the small wall for the 17th Spaceship Part.

18) Rockford Plaza – Burton, Las Lagunas Boulevard

Easiest way is to get a helicopter but access can be gained by a nearby stunt jump. Look out for the Rockford Plaza. It’s an easy to spot building with a rooftop alcove covered in grass and foliage. Land on there for the 18th Spaceship part.

19) Burton, Carcer Way

Literally turn 180 degrees from the Rockford Plaza and you’ll see a hotel. Fly up to the rooftop and you’ll see a drained out swimming pool. Alien Spaceship Part 19.

20) Rockford Hill Golf Club

Head Northwest from the 19th Spaceship Part and head to the golf club. On the course itself look for a pool of water to the further west of the course. On one of the little rock islands in the pool is Alien Spaceship Part number 20.

21) Land Act Reservoir

There are two Spaceship Parts to collect here. Lets start with number 21. Far east on the map is a dam near Tataviam Mountains (best use a helicopter again). Head to the dam wall and you’ll see a small wood dock floating in the water. Swim directly under that to collect piece number 21.

22) Land Act Reservoir

Now for the second piece in the dam. Jump Back in your Helicopter and head to the most northern point of the dam. You’ll see massive pipes that scale the cliff. Head to the bottom of those pipes and hidden in one is Alien Spaceship Part number 22.

23) Vinewood Hills, Lake Vinewood

This piece is back in Lake Vinewood amongst the fences off Lake. Fly in and face the dam wall. Swim underwater and head to the tower in the middle of the wall. Look just left of the tower at the bottom of the sea bed and you’ll find what you are looking for.

24) Tataviam Mountains district beach.

Head far east just past route 15. You’ll see a beach but you want to be looking for a part of the island that sticks out but has an alcove under it. Search near the northern side of the alcove along the beach and you’ll find Spaceship Part number 24.

25) Richman Glen, Harlow Drive.

Head far west and you’ll see an expensive looking mansion/country club equipped with swimming pool and tennis court. You’ll notice a little water feature/pool near a tree by the entrance to the building. Go and grab yourself Alien Spaceship Part number 25.

That concludes the first 25 Spaceship Parts. Click here for the remaining 25 pieces.

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