How to rank up quickly and make big money easily in GTA Online

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The key to any titles longevity is how it incentivizes continued play.

In GTA Online, this means locking away a minigun until a player reaches rank 120 or putting a $130k + price tag on a decent apartment with a six car garage. Now that the troubled launch appears to be behind us, below are a collection of hints, tips and exploits for making money quickly and easily in GTA Online.


Unsurprisingly, the completion of jobs is one of your primary ways of making money. What may be surprising though, is that the ‘story’ based jobs give a relatively low time and effort versus money gained ratio in comparison to some of GTA Online’s more pedestrian pursuits.

The first thing to bare in mind with any job, be it a team deathmatch, race or mission is that the rewards increase with both a higher player count and members of your crew in the game. Whatever the job, take advantage of the open matchmaking, auto invite and invite all from session options to maximize the amount of players in any given job and increase the payout for everyone.

gta carsThis may not be a problem if you have enough friends playing but comparing the $2-3k for winning a 2 player race to the $7-$10k you achieve for winning certain 6 player + races, it is obvious you should be using the matchmaking features Rockstar has placed in GTA online.

Speaking of races – these are the best early way to earn quick cash and RP in GTA Online. A boat race set to one lap can be over in a minute and a half and grant you as much as 950RP / $3k for just a two player race. With more players, the monetary gain becomes greater whilst when playing with crew members, the RP gain also increases.

Some races are quicker than others and in my experience, it is the sea races that are the quickest and easiest to complete by having no traffic, it being difficult to ram and disrupt other players and by having relatively few hazards. Even without exploiting the easier races, GTA Online’s races offer a startlingly quick progression through the ranks without incurring expenses through ammo expenditure or visits to the hospital.

There is also a known, rather exploitative method of increasing race winnings to figures well above $10k. This is achieved by hosting a race with three or more players that are all friends and betting on a single player that you all agree to let win the race. By hosting a sea race on a single lap, I and my friends were able to net over $10k a race for the winner and at least $3 for the person in last place in around a minute and a half. By rotating the designated winner, each player was able to see huge gains in both cash and RP in a very short amount of time.

gta explodeOutside of exploiting races, you will want to play ‘story’ missions and again, these are best played with the maximum amount of players and preferably, with crew members. Maximizing time efficiency and minimising ammo consumption are key compononets to making these jobs as profitable as possible. Multiple mission restarts are not only infuriating but are an example of losing both time and money – whilst the maximum players rule holds true, it is of course better to play with friends and in chat.

Ammo expenditure is another consideration for play, and in many ways, it is largest outgoing you will encounter whilst playing GTA Online. Be sure to collect ammo/money from fallen enemies and where possible, use the pistol and take your time to go for the all important headshot. Pistol ammunition is the most plentifully dropped in the game and as such, is easily replenished from downed gang members. Squeezing off hundreds of SMG rounds in a mission only to die, restart and repeat the process can drain thousands from your bank account.

Job farming exploit.

Though it appeared that this exploit was removed with Rockstar’s latest title update there is still a method of farming any given job infinetly, Completing a job as normal, hitting like/dislike and then, instead of hitting continue, hitting the quick restart button allows you to replay the last mission. Repeating this method allows for the farming of any given mission. Violent Duct, for example, is a relatively easy kill the enemies, steal the drugs mission that yields $9K. The key things to remember here are that the prompt for quick restart is hidden from the post mission menu and that the majority of players must hit this option for the mission restart to take effect.

Selling cars and robbing stores.

Outside of missions, there are two quick and easy ways of earning some extra money. Selling a stolen car to Los Santos customs is a fool proof way of making a few grand quickly. The ability to sell vehicles is timer based and as such, this can only be done after every few missions. Set a waypoint to the nearest mod shop and steal a car, its that simple. Some of the higher end sports cars are ‘too hot’ to sell and as such the best return is on larger SUVs which can net you $5-$7k if you are fortunate enough to find one with mods.

Convenience stores are also another reliable and repeatable source of income. Each robbery gets you $1-$2k and, provided you can lose the cops, is a relatively easy way of getting some extra cash. I reccomend refraining from shooting the clerk as this results in three wanted stars which can be much more difficult to lose than the two stars you get for the hold up.

gta car shootBoth of these methods carry the additional risk of being in the open world and at the mercy of other players – the time efficiency of robbing a store is decreased greatly when other players get involved and make your life difficult. When performing any task in the open world outside of a job, be sure to check the radar and watch for other players.

Death in a job does not result in a trip to the hospital and as such, no hospital fees but when you die in the open world the cost can run up to several thousand dollars per death. If you are in danger of being killed repeatedly by griefers or trolls, enter passive mode or jump into a quick job to escape without the financial penalties that multiple deaths would bring.

As time goes on and more of GTA Online is unearthed, TwinStickGaming expects to find more ways of making money quickly and easily – more on this as GTA Online continues to be updated.

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