Simply Game’s decision to ‘force’ sell PS4 Bundles is illegal says UK Trading Standards

simply games ps4 bundle

Online games retailer and MCV Awards 2013 winner Simply Games has come under fire for telling customers who had pre-ordered their PS4 that they must now purchase the console in a bundle in order to get their machine for launch day.

With those bundles ranging from £414.99 for the console with two controllers all the way up to £469.99 for a bundle like the one you can see above, customers who want to purchase the solus console face a substantial increase in price.

Whilst bundling consoles with additional products is nothing new, the fact that Simply Games are offering no alternatives to the bundles that they’ve put together is a somewhat different tack to the bundling that major retailers usually offer.

UK Trading Standards has not called for “swift injunctive action” and branded Simply Games’ stance on the PS4 as “profiteering” CVG reports.

With the Trading Standards officer going on to say that “It is illegal and up to the Home Authority to intervene if the seller is UK based,” it now stands to reason that Simply Games will be investigated. The results of such an investigation would hinge upon the fine print of the terms and conditions of a PS4 pre-order placed with Simply Games.

For example, the firm might have stipulated that they were not guaranteeing a console for launch, only when they would be available and as such, might be able to wriggle out of any accusations of forcing bundles by simply allocating customers solus consoles when they become available.

Similarly, whilst Simply Games’ bundles are an increased price over the solus unit, it does not appear that they are increasing the price of any given items RRP and are instead, just bundling items together at their combined RRPs.

TwinStickGaming will follow this story very closely and update here as it develops. Any large actions by UK Trading Standards could drastically change the PS4 launch bundle plans for many other retailers and as such, the repercussions of this situation could be far reaching regardless of the outcome.

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