GTA 5: Letter Scraps Locations Guide 1 – 25

Twinstickgaming here again, in an attempt to help you with that tricky 100% completion in GTA 5. Today we are going to look at the “Letter Scraps” locations. In this article we will cover the precise location of the first 25 letter scraps and we will add a link at the very bottom of the page with the remaining 25 letter scraps.

It is worth noting that should you find it difficult narrowing down the precise location of the letter scrap , you may wish to take Chop (Franklin’s Dog) with you. As he barks louder and louder the closer you get to the letter scrap (this is also true of the Alien Spaceship Parts).

Here’s the full map for reference.

1) Port of South Los Santos, Terminal off Buccaneer Way

Head to the dock where Trevor’s first heist takes place. Here you’ll see large cargo containers. Refer to the map for the location and the first image shows a mobile crane, North of the dock. If you are facing the crane turn to your right (East) and you should see the cargo containers represented in the next pic. Climb up these containers to see another set of containers behind them. In a gap between to cargo containers is Letter Scrap number 1. Jump across to get it.

2) Los Santos International Airport

Easy on to find. Head to the main entrance of the Airport to bag, look on the floor to your right to find Letter Scrap number 2.

3) Port of South Los Santos Elysian Island

Head to the port south on the marked location on the map. You’ll see boats but you specifically need a tug boat, which is the boat furthest West. Climb on board and search near the wheelhouse to collect Letter Scrap number 3.

4) Los Santos International Airport, Bar Rooftop.

You need a helicopter for this one. Head to the bar located on the map and represented in the picture. The letter scrap is not on the very top roof top but on the lower level. Land there and bag yourself Letter Scrap number 4. Be warned, you are flying in restricted airspace so be quick about it.

5) East Los Santos, Cypress Flats

In this one it is perhaps easier to head to the circle marked on the map first. You’ll see some train tracks leading under the red bridge shown in the picture. Proceed on either foot or car and you’ll come to an intersection. Look at the 2nd picture for reference and make sure you are facing the tunnel. Enter the tunnel and after travelling some distance you see a set of steps with a letter scrap on one of the side perches, shown in the final picture.

6) Murrieta Oil Fields

This one is in the scrapyard you can purchase at Murrieta Oil Fields.

Look for a large scrapyard warehouse (refer to picture) and look for a Bus shell. Inside the bus is letter scrap number 6.

7) South Los Santos, Grove Street

Head to grove Street (The same street Trevor, Franklin and Lamar do a drug deal that goes south). At the bottom of grove street turn to your right (or face south) and refer to the pic to see which house you should be facing. In the back yard of this house on some steps is Letter Scrap number 7. By the way don’t stick around too long on this street, you may not be welcome.

8) South Los Santos Mega Mall

Not far from letter scrap 7 head west towards the Mega Mall marked on the map. In the car pack on top of a garbage skip is Letter Scrap number 8.

9) Vespucci Beach

Head West to Vespucci beach and look for the dry-pools and ramps the skaters etc are using. Inside one of the large dry pools is Letter Scrap number 9.

10) Palomino Highlands, Island

Head East to Palomino, past the scrapyard and to the coast. Here you will see a large Island. One the Eastern shore of this island is Letter Scrap number 10.

11) Vespucci Canal Tunnel

Head to the bridge shown on the map and you’ll notice a set of stairs leading down to a canal. Jump into the canal and head back under the bridge. On top of a platform under the bridge is Letter Scrap 11.

12) Del Perro Pier, Restaurant Balcony

Head west to the Del Perro Pier and look for Pearls restaurant. Down one of the side of the restaurant is a staircase leading up to the balcony. On the balcony is Letter Scrap number 12.

13) East Los Santos, La Mesa

Head to the bridge marked on the map in East Los Santos. Head to the main tower on the south side of the bridge. In the arch way, on the floor, is letter scrap number 13.

14) Downtown Crane

Head to the location marked on the map in downtown. You’ll see an enormous yellow crane. It is possible to skydive onto the crane which will save you a lot of time. If you aren’t advantageous enough for that then you can just head to the base of the crane and make your way up. Climbing these ladders will take time. But if you head to the very top you’ll see letter scrap number 14. Also look along the crane platform at the very back, you’ll see a parachute conveniently left for you.

15) Richards Majestic Movie Lot

Head to the movie lot. It’s best to enter this area as Michael (provided you’ve done a mission with Solomon) as he is allowed to roam freely without security politely escorting off the premises. Head through the entrance and immediately look to your left to see a archway (refer to pic). Follow the pathway until you come to a set of metal stairs. Climb them to find letter scrap 15.

16) Vinewood, Alta

Head to the construction site marked on the map. You will see two large cranes. At the base of the cranes is the foundation of the lot. In the centre you will see a barricaded pit. In the pit is letter scrap number 16.

17) East Vinewood Flood Control Dam

Best to head in a helicopter towards the dam marked on the map. Jump out and swim over to the dam. The damn itself has three pathways, you want the one in the middle. On the very edge of the middle part of the dam is letter scrap 17.

18) Pacific Bluffs Graveyard

Head to the Graveyard in Pacific bluffs. Look for a grave with a couple of reefs, which is on it’s own separate island. In front of the grave is letter scrap 18.

19) Vinewood, Hawick

Head to Hawick near the shop Surburban. The building next to it has a skateboard ramp on it’s roof top. In the centre of the ramp is letter scrap 19.

20) Pacific Bluffs Hotel

Head to the west coast to the hotel that has a swimming pool (refer to map). Near the swimming pool is a bar. On the bar itself is letter scrap number 20.

21) Vinewood Eastbourne and Spanish Avenue

Not the easiest to spot at first but head to the corner of Eastbourne and Spanish Avenue. You’ll see a small car park with a set of stairs leading to a public BBQ area. The letter scrap is just there in plain sight.

22) Vinewood Racetrack

Head to Vinewood Racetrack and climb up to the seating areas. In the middle seating area amongst the seats is letter scrap 22.

23) Pacific Bluffs Kortz Centre

At the Kortz centre you’ll see a hedge maze. Find the steps leading down to the maze on the northern side of the maze. Even though this maze isn’t overly difficult follow my instructions and you should find the letter scrap in next to no time.

  • When facing the entrance you’ll see an immediate left, which turns right.
  • Head straight on and turn left.
  • A few steps forward and turn right
  • A few steps forward and turn left.
  • Walk forward and make a left.
  • A few more steps and turn left to a large open space
  • Letter Scrap number 23 – Have fun getting out

24) Vinewood Hills, Lake Vinewood estate

Fly over to Lake Vinewood and head over to the fancy looking summer homes. You’re looking for the one with a swimming pool that resembles more of an ‘S’ shape. Near the pool is a sports room. Inside is letter scrap 24.

25) Vinewood Hills

A nice easy one. Head to the huge Vinewood Hills sign (that resembles the Hollywood sign). At the top of the letter ‘i’ is letter scrap number 25. Us the ladders to reach it.

That concludes the first 25 Letter Scrap locations. To find the remaining (and last) Letter Scraps Click Here.

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