GTA 5: Letter Scraps Locations Guide 26 – 50

Twinstickgaming here again, in an attempt to help you with that tricky 100% completion in GTA 5. Today we are going to look at the “Letter Scraps” locations. In this article we will cover the precise location of the last 25 letter scraps. If you feel you’ve come too far in this guide click here for the previous 25 Letter Scrap Locations.

It is worth noting that should you find it difficult narrowing down the precise location of the letter scrap , you may wish to take Chop (Franklin’s Dog) with you. As he barks louder and louder the closer you get to the letter scrap (this is also true of the Alien Spaceship Parts).

Here’s the full map for reference.

26) Tongva Valley Highway 11

Head west to Highway 11 in Tongva Valley, you’ll come across a rest stop or parking area. In front of the tourist sign is Letter Scrap Number 26. During the day you’ll see a market stall next to it.

27) Vinewood Hills, Mountain Trail Vista Overlook

Easiest thing to do is jump in a helicopter and fly north of the Observatory. Refer to the pics to get a better idea of where you need to be situated, on the map we have circled the Observatory for reference. Head over the mountain along a dirt road. You’ll see a juice stand with a humongous orange on the rooftop – hard to miss. Near the tables is letter scrap number 27.

28) Palmer-Taylor Power Station, secluded island

Head East in a Helicopter and fly just past the Palmer-Taylor Power Station. On the Island adjacent (one furthest north) is letter scrap number 28.

29) Great Chaparral, North of Galileo Road

Head to the location marked on the map. You’ll see a winding mountain road. At the base of the mountain road is a door leading into the mountain. Next to the door is letter scrap number 29.

30) San Chianski Mountains, Lagoon Cave

Head East to an alcove with lagoon cave. On the left hand side of the cave is a tiny piece of land with a letter scrap on it.

31) Harmony, Grand Senora Desert – Bail Bond Farm

Head to the location marked on the map and you’ll see a shack and a barn. In front of both the shack and the barn is a billboard. Search behind the billboard for letter scrap number 31.

32) Harmony, Redwood Lights Track

Head to the construction site that is Redwood Lights Track. Search for a incomplete circular building. Slap bang in the centre of the this open building is letter scrap number 32.

33) Lago Zancudo, South of Fort Zancudo

This one is a little tricky to find because much of the surrounding area looks similar. You need to be south of Fort Zancudo and a little before the northwest bridge on Highway 1. Amongst the river are lots of small islands. Refer to the pics to narrow down the location. You are looking for an island with 4 pathways that connect if a steam that runs through it. Around this area is the letter scrap. Refer to the picture with the bridge to know roughly where you need to be positioned.

34) Lago Zancudo, Route 69 Bridge

Head East from letter scrap number 33. Along the river you will come across the Route 69 Bridge. Under the bridge is the letter scrap.

35) Great Chaparral Graveyard

From letter scrap 34 keep heading East but get yourself on land. Look out for a large church with an orangish rooftop. In the graveyard of the church is letter scrap 35.

36)Harmony, Near Joshua Road.

Head to the location marked on the map. You’ll see a lead mill. On the very top of the lead-mill is letter scrap number 36.

37) Grand Senora Desert, Airstrip.

Head to the airstrip south of Sandy Shores. To the side of the runway is a large rock. On top of the rock is a letter scrap. Take note; I found no way to climb the rock so you’ll need a chopper. Although thanks to a very useful comment/suggestion from Amanda Buchanan there is apparently a way up this rock (I’m just stupid and missed it).

“#37 can be climbed. Just walk around a bit, and there is a low point you can jump up and pull yourself onto, then wander around a bit jump up the next level, then the last one is pretty easy to climb up to, and voila, you’re there. No chopper needed. =)”

Thanks Amanda

38) Sandy Shores, Abandoned Motel

Head to the abandoned motel in Sandy Shores. In the dried out pool is letter scrap number 38.

39) North Chumash, Raton Canyon.

Once again this one is in open view but tricky to spot. Head northwest towards the bridge along Highway 1. Follow the south side roads that run alongside Cassidy Creek. Do not go all the way to the bridge, actually you need to stop short of it. If you are facing the bridge turn around and look for three cliff faces that overlook Cassidy Creek. You want to be on top of the cliff face, which is furthest from the bridge. On top is letter scrap number 39.

40) Mount Chiliad, Alamo Sea.

Head to small island south of Mount Chiliad. On the bank of the island is letter scrap number 40. Refer to pics for a point of reference.

41) Mount Chiliad Millar’s Fishery

Head to Millar’s Fishery marked on the map. Near one of the boathouses is letter scrap 41.

42) Mount Chiliad State Wilderness Altruist Cult Camp

Head to the communications tower mark on the map. On the balcony of the tower is letter scrap number 42.

43) Grapeseed, Main Street

Head to the location marked on the map. You’ll see a complex coloured white and blue, covering the crops. Head to the section furthest north with the two white rows of crops, one long and one short. Head down under the longest white canopy and about half way down is letter scrap 43.

44) Mount Gordo Lighthouse

Head out by boat to the lighthouse far northest. At the foot of the lighthouse is letter scrap 44.

45) Paleto Forest, Near Lumber Yard

Little ttrick to find once again but refer to the pics to get an idea where you need to be. Look for a descending road north of the lumber yard in Paleto Forest. Along the road is a small set of rocks near some trees. Behind the rocks is letter scrap 45.

46) Mount Chiliad, Cable Car

Nice easy one to find. Either head up the cable car or fly to the top of Mount Chiliad. At the top where the cable cars stop is letter scrap 46.

47) Paleto Bay Beach House

Head to Paleto bay. Here you are looking a specific beach house with a balcony. Refer to the pics to get an idea of which house you are looking for. You need to be far west along Procopio Drive and it should be one of the last houses along that street. There are some stairs that lead up to the balcony with letter scrap 47 kindly waiting for you.

48) Paleto Bay Derelict House

Now head to the other side (furthest North) of Paleto Bay and look for a boarded up house. Around the back of the house, hidden in a doorway is Letter Scrap 48.

49) Hobo Camp

Head to the hobo camp. Once you enter the camp turn right and look to your left for a tent with a doorway. On the floor in front of the tent is letter scrap 49)

50) Procopio Beach Rest Stop

After collecting letter scrap 49. Head back out of the Hobo Camp via the main entrance. Directly opposite is a rest stop. Look for the porch area that has the ‘mens’ sign. Well done you now have all 50 letter scraps.


For those who don’t know collecting all 50 letter scraps unveils a clue left behind by a serial killer. Collecting all 50 results in locating the serial killer himself, although whichever character collects the last letter scrap has to do the mission. Head to the location marked ‘?’ on your map. Once you confront the killer you have the choice to let him go or kill him. We’ll let you decide which is more just. If you manage to shoot the killer just before he drives off you’ll earn yourself a Gold Medal.

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