How to get free Torchic with Mega Evolution stone on Pokemon X and Y


Nintendo’s license to print money machine that is Pokemon released the newest iteration worldwide today. Pokemon X and Y look to be adding more than just a simple roster update to the ever successful catch them all formula with a huge graphical overhaul and many new online features.

As a celebration of the titles release, Nintendo are distributing a free Torchic to everyone who connects to the internet whilst playing Pokemon X or Y. By following the instructions below, you too will be able to download a Torchic with a hidden Speed Boost ability that is unique to this version of the Pokemon. The free Torchic distribution event is running until January 15th so download it while you can!

Mega_Blaziken_Special-X-and-YStarting at level 10, Torchic knows the moves Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy and Ember and also comes with the rare Blazikenite item, which allows Torchic to mega evolve into Mega Blaziken.

Downloading Torchic in this way will give any would be Pokemon master a significant boost to their early adventures in X and Y.

Happy hunting.

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