Which is the best starter in Pokemon X and Y? Fan art from DeviantArt and Tumblr decides

With the release of a new Pokemon comes the inevitable argument of which starter is best.

With the series now boasting over 700 Pokemon, the importance of having a stand out starter that you carry throughout the game has never been higher.

That said, by now, one might expect the developers of Gamefreak to be overcome with, what I can only describe as, considerable Pokemon-design fatigue.

Thankfully, the quality of Pokemon X and Y’s starters puts to bed any fears of lazy redesigns of old creatures and has, instead, come up with an interesting batch that the internet has already become incredibly attached to.

The other inevitable thing that comes with the launch of a new Pokemon game is incredible fan art – can any of the radical redesigns of X and Y’s starters convincingly argue that one of the starters is better than the others?

The rather smug Fennekin by Skia or the Knight inspired Chespin by TornAroundtheEdges seem to indicate that yes, their choice of starter is the best.

Be sure to click on the images and hit view full size to see them in all their Poke-glory.

All images are property of their respective owners – be certain to hit up the artists on their deviantART or Tumblr pages to show your appreciation.

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