Batman Arkham Origins First Impression


Batman Arkham Origins follows closely in its predecessors footsteps. So closely in fact you could be mistaken for thinking this was Arkham City. Look a little closer though and you’ll see the changes Warner Bros. Games Montréal has made. The demo we got access to started with Batman interrogating some nameless thug high above the streets of Gotham. The world has a sharper and crisper look to it, nothing groundbreaking just a light touch up here and there. Character design, especially on the thugs, seems to have had a slight overhaul as well.

After our little chat with Mr Thug we are given control. Clearing a room of enemies was the first task. Stealth abilities and gadgets are the tools. Rocksteady veterans will be right at home with the load out. While there are a few new additions to the Bat belt it feels like we already have all the useful tools.


Diving from a roof top we get to glide around Gotham looking to dish out some punishment. The glide ability has been boosted to give you more airtime, and you’ll need it as this is a much larger world than Arkham City. While we only had access to a small part of the city it was enough to give us an impression of what to expect. More of the same. Thats no bad thing, if there’s enough tweaks and additions the awesome combat and fantastic looks will keep fans more than happy.

Check out 17 minutes of gameplay from this years E3.

And here’s the latest TV Spot. An interesting perspective on Bruce Wayne’s transformation.

Batman Arkham Origins hits stores on the 25th of October on PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii U, Ps Vita and 3DS.