Blizzcon 2013: World of Warcraft – Warlords of Draenor announced

At Blizzcon 2013, Blizzard announced that Warlords of Draenor will be their next expansion for World of Warcraft.

Fans of the Warcraft franchise will be already familiar with the story of Draenor: the homeland to the Orcs, the demon related events that took place, and how it was destroyed and became “Outland” – the zone for the 2007 WoW expansion, The Burning Crusade.

In Warlords of Draenor we will look to the ghosts of the past, as the escaped Garrosh Hellscream tries to change history in his bid to create the ‘Iron Horde’ and take revenge on the people of Azeroth, giving glory and honour back to the Orcs.

A few new features to be expected for the ‘World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor’ expansion are:

  • New Zone – Draenor
  • Level Cap Raised to 100
  • Build and Upgrade your own Garrison – yeah that’s right! finally your own WoW home to build and customise as you like. You can even employ NPCS, level them and send them out on missions.
  • New Character Models – click this link for a sneak peak at the updated character models!
  • New Dungeons and Raids
  • A Brand New World PVP Zone
  • Boost one of your characters to level 90 instantly when you purchase the Warlords of Dranor expansion!

It all looks like really exciting stuff and contains many things WoW players have been asking for for years. But we will still have to wait for a launch date, as Blizzard have only stated that it will be released sometime in 2014.

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