Twitch TV Comes To Minecraft

Twitch TV is one of the many features at the forefront of the PS4 – shortly to be followed by the Xbox One next year. PC players have been enjoying the advantages of Twitch TV, sharing and broadcasting community based videos that showcase the best commentary filled gaming videos. Whether you’re showing some hidden treasure found within the game or just plain showing off, Twitch TV is becoming an integral part of gaming.



And now the PC version of Minecraft wants in on the action. Arguably one of the most fanatical and biggest gaming communities out there, Minecraft users only need to visit their Mojang account page and link a Twitch account to their profile. By simply pressing F6, users can broadcast their homemade worlds to the nation.

This move will certainly see the integration of two already expanding communities and with Minecraft coming to the PS4 and Xbox One next year, expect to see your accounts filled with Minecraft threads.