Xbox One To Outsell Wii U Already?

No doubt about it, the Xbox One has firmly landed and steamrollered its way to the top. In just two days, the Xbox One has shifted 150k units across the UK and, stock permitting, could outsell the Wii U (which has been out for almost a year) by the end of the week.

xbox one wii uWhilst this is not a slur on the Wii U, those figures are pretty damning to anybody and really show how much of a powerhouse the Xbox One and Microsoft really are. For those who view the Xbox 360 as the biggest games console in the UK, let’s put this into perspective. The Xbox One has effectively doubled the sales of the original Xbox 360’s launch window. The Xbox 360 achieved the dizzy height of 70,000 sales within the same period, which at the time was a staggering figure.

No-one could have predicted such strong sales this early on. Many felt there would be little demand for next-gen consoles in such hard economic times. However, the impressive sales figures speak for themselves. Frighteningly, this is only the beginning as the UK is expected to see more and more waves of sales from those who failed to secure an Xbox One on launch day. Lead UK retailer Game are expecting several batches of pre-ordered consoles between now and Christmas and have seen some bundles sell for more than £700.

Yes the Xbox One is here and leading the way. Retail rejoices. Now let’s see what happens when Sony take centre stage this Friday.

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