Free Xbox One Games To Those With Faulty Consoles

xbox one gamesDespite the success of both the launches of the PS4 and Xbox One worldwide, there have been several stories that have focused on consumers who have bought faulty consoles for launch. Whilst this is a problem for those affected, both Microsoft and Sony have claimed this is a problem for the minority. However, Microsoft have bravely stepped forward in an attempt to keep their customers happy.

Microsoft’s only recurring technical issue appears to involve the disc drive. Many consumers have reported that the disc drive itself makes a awful grinding sound and this is preventing gameplay.

Anyone unfortunate enough to have purchased a faulty console at launch will not only receive a replacement console but will also receive one game for free as a way of saying sorry. A downloadable version of either Ryse, Deadrising 3, Zoo Tycoon or Forza 5 will be available to those affected.