PS4 Outsells Xbox One In 48hrs

ps4 vs xbox oneMany sales and financial experts made conflicting reports on who would win the console war. Despite Sony’s surge in pre-orders vs the Xbox One many experts seemed to suggest that the war would not be decided over the Christmas period. Whilst this statement is certainly true (the console war will truly be decided over their independent life cycles), Sony certainly have thrown the bigger punch in the UK.

As reported by Twinstickgaming last week the Xbox One managed to ship a whopping and world beating 150,000 units across the UK in the first 48hrs. However, Microsoft have been stripped of their UK record, which lasted just one week. The Playstation 4 saw shops bursting at the seams as customers piled in, attempting to get their hands on Sony’s latest machine. The end result – a jaw dropping 250,000 units we sold in 48hrs.

As stated, this doesn’t mean the war is over. However, many pundits believed that the contest would be extremely close over the festive season. How wrong they were. Still, there are several weeks in the run up to Christmas and with reports that the next wave of deposits for both Xbox One and PS4 are on their way to stores this week this race is just getting started.

So what do you think of the new consoles? Is the war over already? Can Xbox One catch PS4 this Christmas?

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