Telltale Given The Green Light On Game Of Thrones and Borderlands Game

Next year will be all about Telltale Games. The company who became famous overnight with their point and click Walking Dead series, have been given the go ahead to make ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Tales From The Borderlands’.

tales from the borderlands

Tales From The Borderlands will be worked on in conjunction with Gearbox, the studio responsible for creating the original Borderlands series. Telltale’s point and click style will be applied to the existing Borderlands universe and we have been promised that we will see characters old and new. However, whomever the lead character(s) are/is remains to be seen. Tales From The Borderlands is due sometime in 2014. Stay posted for for the latest.

game of thrones

To add to this wonderful news, Telltale also announced that a Game of Thrones episodic title was in the works. The TV series is currently one of the most popular on television and has yet to be done justice in the gaming department. Cyanide developed an action role playing game loosely based on the series, critics and fans alike were less than grateful. But should any hardened Game of Thrones fan want a game that matches the TV series in terms of quality they really couldn’t have wished for a better developer. HBO and Telltale hope to see this title out in 2014 also.

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