Fallout 4 Teaser Site Is A Hoax

Fallout-4-Release-DateThe world just literally screamed in terror when Bethedsa brought down the heavy axe upon their die hard Fallout fans. A website appeared earlier in November and Reddit users quickly dissected it to reveal links to Fallout 4 within the Javascript. Also found within this coding was a count down that ended on December the 11th. Adding fuel to the fandom, so to speak, Bethedsa recently trademarked Fallout 4 in Europe.

Surely this was it – Fallout 4 was coming to next gen?

Sadly not. Bethedsa announced, to the dismay of many, that the site was in fact a fan made hoax.

But fans still believe that there is another Fallout game on the way as Bethedsa seem very cagey in answering any questions on the subject.