New Alien Isolation Game Leaked All Over The Internet

Potential images of the up and coming Alien: Isolation game spread all over the internet. NeoGAF first spotted the images, which appeared on Twitter. So far the developer, Creative Assembly, have yet to comment whether these images are fan made or not.

Little is known at this time about Alien: Isolation but it is believed to be a first person shooter, which is far from the usual comfort zone of Creative Assembly – famous for their strategic Total War series.

Originally, Alien: Isolation was to be revealed at this years E3 but due to the poor reception Gearbox’s Alien: Colonial Marines received, Creative Assembly decided to hold fire on the unveiling to avoid any association the game may have with Gearbox’s dire FPS. Sega are, once again, the publishers and the game is expected on current and next-gen, 2014.

Tell us what you think – is the Alien franchise salvageable or should we put this limp Xenomorph down?

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