Titanfall Xbox One Controller To Be Released – But Do We Like It?

With the excitement still surrounding the Xbox One Microsoft has decided to cash in on its highly anticipated exclusive Titanfall, due March 14th. Titanfall is expected to be a console shifter and with Microsoft losing a certain amount of ground over Sony during the Christmas period they’ll want to push Titanfall in the faces of every Tom, Dick and Harry.

So without further ado Microsoft present to you the new Titanfall Controller exclusively available at Game.

titanfall controller

Sadly this controller has sold out already along with the collector’s edition of the game itself. So the signs bode well for Microsoft and it’s flagship title. But do we like the look of this Xbox One controller?

Initially I was stumped. Something reminded me of Mass Effect, although I’m not sure why. Then I thought the colour choice was perhaps poor and that the pad looked too busy. But every time I returned to view this pad the more it began to appeal to me. It appeared bold and striking. The texture smooth. I’m still on the fence as to whether I would own one but our very own Slinkyfish has done nothing but sing this controllers praises.

So at Twinstick we decided to take a look back at some of the other special edition controllers that have graced (or not) the Xbox 360 over the years.

First up the Halo 3 controllers (yes does anyone want to remember them?) were quite simply awful. This garish pair looked cheap and nasty. Bright colours splurged that could surely only appeal to children. These certainly weren’t reflective of the badass that is Masterchief.

halo 3 controller


Whilst these weren’t available separately the Halo series artistically returned to form with not only their beautifully designed Halo 4 console but the 2 pads that came with them. Even Halo haters were enticed by the sheers awesomeness that is this controller.

halo-4 controller


Fable 3. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I’m not sure even fans of the game could forgive this garish attempt at a controller. Art Deco or Post Modern? Even if you could convince me that this somehow represents the artistic merits of Fable 3 the pad is just plain hideous.



The Tomb Raider controller. The game may have been rebooted but I feel somewhat indifferent about this pad. I think the colour choice is fine and the subtle marking on the controller itself are tasteful I suppose, but it’s the big bandage on the side that always grabs my attention. I know this is significant to the game but seriously this is just visually off putting.



When this controller first hit the shelves I was a huge fan of the series and maybe it was fandom but I loved this pad. Several years on and I feel differently. Part of me still loves it but maybe my taste buds have changed. It’s not something I would be proud to own in my collection. I blame Gears of War Judgment for this bitter sweet feeling.

gears-of-war controller


For fans of Star Wars this controller was a must along with the R2-D2 styled Xbox 360. The C-3PO controller was shinny gold and smooth as silk. Well it was until you touched it and spent most of your time wiping off your mucky fingerprints. Whilst the gloss effect was essential for the C-3PO look, it certainly wasn’t practical for the avid collector.


All in all we at Twinstick feel that very few controllers make the cut. Sure fandom can be a compelling argument to buy one but sometimes, no matter how great the desire you need to say no. I’m a huge Uncharted fan but there is no way on earth I would buy that vomit painted Uncharted 3 controller. Sorry Nathan Drake, I love you but not that much.

Tell us your thoughts. Are there any controllers you love or hate? Are you a avid collector of all special edition controllers? Leave a comment below.

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