inFamous: Second Son – Creating Seattle Trailer

inFAMOUS-Second-Son-Gamescom-5Sony effectively buried Killzone: Shadow Fall in complete mystery by refusing to showcase anything about the game until the last minute. Hardly any gameplay footage was shown prior to release and personally, I think this kind of dampened any excitement or expectation around one of their key flagship titles.

The same cannot be said about inFamous: Second Son. Sony are shouting from the rooftops “LOOK AT ME” with trailer after screenshot, trailer after snippets of information – an absolute barrage to say the least. And ‘oh my god’ if we had any doubts about whether next-gen was truly here, look no further! Below we have two videos – one that was released recently, called Accolades, which literally shows off Delsin’s amazing set of powers and the devastating effect they have. The second trailer, released last night, gives us an insight into the city (Seattle) in which inFamous: Second Son is set.

inFamous: Second Son – Accolades Trailer

inFamous: Second Son – Creating Seattle Trailer

I’m sure you’ll agree that Infamous: Second Son looks stunning. Many have been critical of the launch line up of both the Xbox One and the PS4, but with Titanfall on the horizon, which is promising to be a game changer, Sony can certainly feel boastful of what they have around the corner.

Infamous: Second Son is out March 21st in the UK.

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