New Ps Vita In UK Stores By February

The PS Vita will be getting a makeover as Sony play to release a new slimmer version. Already out in Japan, Sony announced that the new Vita should be hitting the UK shelves by the 7th of February. And here it is for your viewing pleasure.


So what’s new? Well, the PS Vita Slim boasts a longer battery life, is obviously slimmer in terms of size and weight for a better grip and has 1 GB of internal storage. But the most notable change is the screen. Sony has replaced its much praised OLED screen with an LCD screen, in layman’s terms the picture quality isn’t as sharp. Although I doubt many will turn their noses up.

In fact Sony have tried to dampen any slur upon the difference in quality by stating that the differences are so small, they are barely noticeable. Sony’s UK boss Fergal Gara reflects (to VG247) upon the decision to originally use a OLED screen in the original PS Vita instead of a LCD.

“When we introduced Vita with the OLED screen that was considered – and it was – the pinnacle of screen technology. It was a beautiful screen and LCD at the time would have felt like a compromise…….What’s happened in the interim is LCD screen technology has improved significantly. Whilst some think there’s a subtle difference between the two, we think it’s relatively imperceptible.”

“Technology is always full of compromises and trade-offs, and we believe we’ve got the trade-offs right. In other words, if there’s any degradation in screen technology it’s very subtle, but it’s also helping us achieve other advantages.”

These other advantages are all to do with a longer battery life, and of course, cost. The new slim PS Vita will retail around £180, around £20 cheaper than the previous model – although expect many retailers to get competitive on pricing. As a result, the original PS Vita will be phased out – so if you are desperate for that ounce of extra quality you best get buying now. Below is a comparison video by RedSunGamerTV so you can make up your own minds.