Playstation Plus: Instant Game Collection – February 2014

February is among us and that means another set of free games from the Instant Games Collection for those Playstation Plus subscribers. So whether you have a PS4, PS3 or PS Vita you have the chance to download up to 65 games a year across all three platforms if you subscribe to PS Plus.


So what’s on offer this month. For PS4 users we have horror survival game Outlast (available from the 5/2/14). You play the role of a reporter, who for whatever insane reason, decides to investigate the strange goings on of an abandoned insane asylum. Instead of going with an army in tow during the daytime you set out in the middle of the night armed with a torch. From what the critics say this game will literally make you pee your pants. If like me, you scare easy, you may spend most of the game hidden under the bed. Certainly not for the faint hearted but PS Plus users are in for a treat this month. Don’t Starve and Resogun remain on Playstation Plus this month.


PS3 owners also have a special treat. Two games, not even a year old yet, are available. These include the critically acclaimed Bioshock Infinite and horror survival shooter Metro: Last Light. For those of you who were worried that Sony would only focus on the PS4 from now on, you needn’t have worried. These two games alone are worth the download.


PS Vita fans, along with the host of usual titles, get to download Modnation Racers and the long running Dynasty Warrior’s franchise. So if you want an fun alternative to Mario Kart then download Modnation or if you prefer hacking your way through an endless army Japanese style then Dynasty Warriors Next is for you.

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