Thief – Everything You Needed To Know

For PC gamers, they have long known the joys of the Thief series. However, console gamers may somewhat be in the dark. In an attempt to dispel all misconceptions surrounding Square Enix’s up coming title, they have released this 6 minute  in depth trailer explaining the story and various things you can do in Thief.

Initial thoughts would be to liken Thief to Dishonoured. The character art style is similar, FPS stealth game and a plague ridden town all scream Dishonoured. However, from this trailer alone we can see the true merits of what could be an amazing game.

The fluency of movement, not always associated with FPS’, is to be admired and the vast array of abilities and challenges on display could keep any gamer entertained. So is there any reason this game could fail? Well I think there are 3 actually.

thiefFirstly – this is a stealth game. Many have failed to sell well in recent years. Splinter Cell and Hitman have been, perhaps unfairly, waning series. The challenge of stealth games is loosing its appeal to an audience that can often prefer instantaneous online action or something more accessible like Assassin’s Creed, which ultimately pretends to be a stealth game when in fact a majority of the game you spend in plain sight making a huge ruckus. Hell – you don’t even have a crouch button for christ’s sake.

Secondly-  this game is being released in February with little exposure. Compared to Titanfall or Infamous: Second Son, Thief has somewhat been on the low low. Having said that though, with the lack of next gen titles on offer many could purchase Thief simply because there is nothing else to play. Although tempting newcomers to a franchise they know little about might be a tough sell.

Thirdly – purist fans. Like all games from the past that are regarded as highly as Thief, the purist fans do not want to see anything new. In fact many would be happy just to play the original games without ever having to see the series extended. Many have cried out at the look and feel of the game already without having even played the game. So the question will remain whether Square Enix can convince it’s core fan base to stop viewing ‘their game’ as a holy relic.

Thief is available on Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC from the 28/02/2014