Infamous: Second Son – Troy Baker Proclaims “Holy. God. You Guys Ain’t Seen Nuthin Yet”

Sony’s Flagship gargantuan blockbuster, Infamous: Second Son, is due in March and both Infamous voice actor’s Troy Baker and Travis Willingham had a chance to get hands on with Sucker Punch’s triple-A title. Troy Baker and Travis Willingham, who voice lead character Delsin Rowe and his brother Reggie (respectively), expressed their excitement via twitter as to the finished product.

Troy Baker also dropped in an interesting tidbit. Apparently all of the citizens of Seattle, where the game is set, are based on real people. We’ve always been amazed by the scope of games like GTA V and Skyrim, how they manage to make a city/world feel lived in, that the AI are somewhat unique and personalised. However, Infamous: Second Son has potentially taken this idea to another level. If, for example, there are literally thousands upon thousands of residents living within the game, all of which are unique and based on a real person, the work and effort put into that is unimaginable and beyond admirable.

Twinstickgaming are certainly excited for this title and will be keeping you up to date with all the latest news.

Infamous: Second Son is due March 21st in the UK exclusively for the PS4.

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