GTA5 – The Road to 100 Percent

gta5_100_Percent For a lot of gamers, simply completing the story missions and the side quests is enough. The collectables and more random encounters are left behind. Citywide carnage and GTA Online are where these gamers will spend the rest of their time. But there are some people out there, like myself, who will take up the challenge. We hunt down those hidden collectables and trek through the night in search of strangers and freaks. The end of the story is the start of our own adventure. grand_theft_auto_5_100_percent In order to achieve 100% completion in GTA5 you must finish a truly mammoth amount of tasks. Below is the full list of requirements. All 69 story missions complete – This includes Franklin’s assassination missions, although I would suggest leaving them until you have completed the main story. SPOILER – You receive a huge amount of cash from the last job. Save this money. Invest in the stock market during Franklin’s assassination missions. A HELPFUL GUIDE TO THE STOCK MARKET CAN BE FOUND HERE. All 42 Hobbies and Pastimes – You will spend a far amount of time doing this section. It’s a good mix of gameplay types and you can do them in any order.

  • Street races – These races are only open to Franklin. After completing the mission “Shift Work”. There are five races to complete. All but the last one are car races with the last one needing a motorbike. These missions can only be accessed between 20:00 and 05:00. TIP – Use Franklin’s ability to take sharp corners and to gain a speed boost on straight roads.
  • Sea Races – There are four sea races available and can be completed by any of the three characters in any order.
  • Shooting Range – There are two Ammo-Nations that have shooting ranges. One located in Elgin Avenue and the other in Cypress Flats. After completing the mission “Franklin and Lamar” you can go to either of these ranges and start the challenges. There are challenges for each of the weapon types. Some challenges will require you to simply take out targets while others maybe based on accuracy. Get at least a bronze medal in all the challenges with one character to knock this part of your list. TIP – Using the shooting range is the fastest way to get your weapon skill up.
  • Flight School – In order to access the flight school you must first complete the mission “Friends Reunited”. Either Franklin or Michael can take the lessons. You must earn at least a bronze medal in each of the 11 lessons.
  • Parachuting – There are a total of 13 parachute jumps. Find Dom, and complete the strangers first mission in order to access these challenges. You are tasked with either jumping from helicopters or base-jumping from various tall points. Any of the three characters can partake in these challenges. TIP – You can normally find a vehicle close to the landing zone, handy if you’re out in the middle of nowhere.
  • Sports – Tennis, Golf, Darts and the three Triathlons make up this section. When playing tennis you can select the minimum number sets to be played if you don’t want to play a full game. Darts can be set to just one game also. Nine holes of golf is a great way to relax and shouldn’t take you longer than 15 minutes. The three triathlons are made up of swimming, cycling and running. The first two are reasonably short, the third however will take you around half an hour to complete and will leave you with a soar thumb. TIP – There’s no point hammering on the sprint button, instead have a steady rhythm. A high stamina skill is also a must for the last one.
  • Off road Races – These races become available after Trevor’s mission “Mr. Philips”. There are six off road races to finish, they unlock in a particular order. Finishing one race will unlock the next. They can be done by any of the three characters. Some of these are only accessible at certain times of the day.

gta5_freak 20 Strangers and Freaks – There are a total of 58 Strangers and Freaks missions but only 20 of these needs to be completed towards the 100%. Below are the missions you do need to complete.

  • All Towing Missions – Franklin is the only character that can do these missions. Finish the mission “Repossession” then visit Tonya to start. There are a total of five towing missions to complete.
  • All Paparazzo Missions – There are six missions linked to photographer Beverley. Again, Franklin is the only character who can access these.
  • Shift Work – Another mission that only Franklin can do. Complete the mission “Pulling Favors”, then visit Hao and complete the race in order to unlock the Street Races. TIP – Find Hao down an alley on Power Street in Strawberry.
  • Grass Roots – Barry is the Freak you need to find. Although all three of the characters have a mission linked to Barry, Franklin’s first mission is the only one needed for the 100%. TIP – You can find Barry near the cinema on Strawberry Avenue.
  • Fanatic – Find Mary-Ann as Trevor, Franklin or Michael, beat her in a race to tick this one off your list. TIP – A high stamina skill will be a big help.
  • All Extreme Missions – Another Franklin only set of challenges. Find Dom, complete his crazy stunt, and then move onto the next. Complete all four to knock this of your list. TIP – You’ll need a helicopter to get to some of these jumps.
  • Collect All Spaceship Parts – Head up to East Sandy Shores to meet Omega. He’s a crazy hippy looking for 50 spaceship parts. Franklin is the only one who can trigger the mission; all three characters can pick up the collectables. TIP – You can use our fantastic guide to find all 50 of them. CHECK IT OUT HERE
  • Collect All Letter Scraps – There are 50 letter scraps spread around Los Santos and Blaine County, collect them all to unlock the Stranger Dreyfuss. As Franklin, put an end to the mystery. CHECK OUT OUR GUIDE HERE

25 Under the Bridge Challenges – With a total of 50 bridges to fly under you have a wide choice. You can knock out a few just by following the large drain system in the east of Los Santos. TIP – You can use a helicopter for almost all these. Trevor is the best at handling choppers and planes. Eight Knife Flights – Now these can be extremely tricky to do. There is a total of 15 knife flights to choose from. TIP – The slower planes like the Stunt plane and Duster seem to be better for this challenge. 25 Stunt Jumps – Like the Under the Bridge challenge there are 50 Stunt Jumps but you only need to land 25 of these to go towards the 100%. While you might think a fast sports car or super bike would be the best option for most of these, picking something a little easier to handle my be the best choice. If you’re going for the off road jumps I would recommend a 4×4 type vehicle. TIP – Use Franklin’s ability to line up and gain extra speed before the jump. Checkout our awesome STUNT JUMP GUIDE HERE. Purchase five properties – You need to purchase five moneymaking properties before this will unlock. While most of the properties outside of the garages will generate some income, a lot of them require a huge investment. You will also be called upon from time to time to complete a short mission from the manager. Here are the five cheapest properties to buy.

  • The Hen House – $80,000
  • Downtown Cab Co. – $200,000 (Franklin only)
  • Towing Impound – $150,000 (Franklin only)
  • Smoke On The Water – $204,000 (Franklin only)
  • Car Scrapyard – $275,000

GTA5 - LegendaryMotorSport Purchase a Vehicle via the Web – This is pretty straightforward; simply access the web either on your phone or through a computer in game. Purchase any of the cars or bikes from the selection of sites. Visit the Cinema – Another really simple task. There are three cinemas located in Los Santos and any character can complete this. • Tivoli Cinema can be found on Morningwood Boulevard. • Cinema Doppler is on Downtown Vinewood. • Ten Cent Theatre is in Textile City. Walk and play with Chop – Once Franklin take ownership of Lamar’s dog chop, you can then take up this relaxing mission. You can collect Chop from Franklin’s home. Drive out to some open space (the deserts of Blaine County are an ideal spot). From your weapon wheel you can find Chop’s ball in the grenade section. Have a little game of fetch and this is done. Use a prostitute – Working girls can be found throughout the city at night. A good place to pick one of these ladies of the night up is around the strip club area. Simply pull up beside them and honk your horn. Drive out to a secluded spot and pick your service. gta_stripclub Booty Call – There are a number of ways for you to acquire this. I found the quickest way was to call on the services of a stripper. Head on over to the strip club and get yourself a personal dance with Cheetah. While you’re having your private dance get your flirt meter filled and by the end of the dance the stripper should invite you back to hers. Do the deed and that’s another challenge done. Rob a shop – With 19 different shops located all over the place, robbing a single one shouldn’t be much of a problem. Check out our map for the location of all the stores HERE. Complete four friends’ activities – Michael, Franklin and Trevor can all complete these. Call up one of your buddies and invite them to hang out. Once you have picked up your friend the map will highlight several different activities. You can even do all four in a single meet up. TIP – You have to win at darts. gta5_michael_selfie Complete 14 Random Events – With a total of 57 different events dotted around the world it should be pretty easy to track down 14 of these. They range from picking up hitchhikers to arresting criminals. Any of the three characters can take on these missions. Below is a list of the 14 easiest encounters:

  • Hitch a Lift 1 – Ineseno Road, Banham Canyon
  • Hitch a Lift 2 – North Calafia Way, Mount Chiliad
  • Hitch a Lift 3 – East Joshua Road
  • Hitch a Lift 4 – Great Chaparral
  • Bus Tours – Alta Street, Downtown Vinewood
  • Mugging 1 – Carson Avenue, Strawberry
  • Mugging 2 – Meteor Street, Hawick
  • Mugging 3 – Vespucci Boulevard, Pillbox Hill
  • Stag Do Running Man – Route 68, Great Chaparral
  • Burial – Paleto Bay, Blaine County
  • Crash Rescue – Senora Freeway, Mount Chiliad
  • Deal Gone Wrong – Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness
  • Drunk Driver 1 – Aguja Street, La Puerta
  • Drunk Driver 2 – Armadillo Avenue, Sandy Shores

GTA5 - RANDOM EVENTS MAP If you’ve followed this checklist you should have claimed that achievement or trophy and be a well worn traveller. Your reward, other than knowing you one of the dedicated or obsessive gta fans out there? UFOs. Giant flying UFOs. You can look at them but thats about it. But we all know thats not why we do this. We’ve explored Los Santos and Blaine County so thoroughly and intently its like we lived there for a year or two. Its the true open world experience. Inner city roads and short cuts are etched into your memory. You’ve seen the people of Los Santos at their most desperate and most depraved. Soared high above the noise and clouds and trekked through the grimy underbelly. This is your city now. But thats not the end of the journey. There is the true 100% to go for, thats completing everything. All collectables, Stunt jumps, under the bridges, strangers and freaks, the epsilon missions, the hunting missions, gold medal all story missions and events.  Its a big one. Then you can say you’ve seen everything the world has to offer. For other useful or related GTA 5 articles click on the links below.