South Park: The Stick Of Truth Has Gone Gold – New Gameplay Trailer

south parkTake a deep breath but this is actually happening. South Park: The Stick Of Truth, a game that has changed developers and seen an endless amount of delays has finally turned gold. Developers Ubisoft, who were able to undertake the project once THQ went under, finished the project last week. Whilst this hasn’t quite undergone the same treatment as the ‘will they – won’t they?’ Half Life 3 fiasco, many believed the new South Park game would never see the light of day. South Park fanatics can rest a little easier now.

Whether the new South Park game will be any good is another question. Don’t get me wrong, with Matt Stone and Trey Parker writing the script for the game I expect many people to either be in hysterics or mortified at it’s shocking and controversial sense of humour. If we’re luck we’ll get both. My mind however, does cast back to a certain South Park game that made it’s way to the N64 and Playstation 1. In short it was shocking for all the wrong reasons. Dull repetitive gameplay and half juvenile humour ruined what should have been an off the wall gaming experience. With Ubisoft at the helm, who have a rather impressive roster of games over the last few years including Rayman, Farcry 3 and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag, South Park should be in good hands. South Park: Stick of Truth is out March 7th 2014.

Below is the new gameplay trailer and it’s fair to say the Ubisoft have captured the 2D cartoon style of the series. WARNING – RPG FANS MAY EASILY BE OFFENDED.

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