The Order: 1886 – ‘The Pledge’ New Trailer

Whilst Sony are gearing up for their PS4 exclusive Infamous: Second Son, it seems they are not willing to let you forget one of their other major exclusives originally announced at E3 last year. The Order: 1886 has been under the radar since then but a new trailer has emerged, along with some leaked gameplay footage. Sadly, the gameplay footage has been removed from Youtube, most likely for legal reasons, but Sony have no problem showing off their latest trailer ‘The Pledge.”

Set in England in, well…er…1886, The Order is a third person action adventure with horror elements. An ancient war has been raging for centuries between humans and half-breeds. No details are currently available as to what exactly the half breeds are, something tells me we’ll have to play the game to find out their true origins. In real life during 1886, the industrial revolution was bursting into life and this has inspired the developers to include real world events into their fantasy based game. The war is the reason the industrial revolution takes place, humans have looked to technological advancements to overcome the half-breeds. How the war starts is also (so far) unknown, but you play as Galahad who is at the centre of the events as the story unfolds. Whether the name ‘Galahad’ is an honorary title given to those who join the The Order or whether Galahad is actually a descendant of the mythical knight is yet to be confirmed, but the choices within the game suggest you will certainly discover elements about him that are not apparent at the start.

the order 2
This Is England

Ready At Dawn were formed in 2003 and were originally made up from ex Naughty Dog and Blizzard members. They are famous for key PSP titles such as the God of War and Jak & Daxter trilogy. Never before have they taken on such a grand project and according to GameInformer who got a behind the scenes sneak peak, they believe The Order 1886 is;

“one of the most visually impressive games we’ve ever seen”

Ready At Dawn are even boasting and believe they are on to a next gen winner. They believe the story is so engaging and that the world is so immersive, players will struggle to put the controller down. A bold statement indeed. But this statement has been backed up by several reports that have surfaced from various gaming websites, including a praising insight from ARSTechnica, who were privileged enough to be invited to a recent media event. At Twinstickgaming we are definitely excited about this one so stay tuned for more updates.

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