Infamous: Second Son – Moral Choices Trailer

infamous second son 15Infamous: Second Son is exclusively coming to PS4 on March the 21st 2014. So far Sucker Punch and Sony have had a lot of coverage surrounding this title but every snippet seems to lead to more questions. Even in a little Q&A on Twitter Sucker Punch were some what evasive but in doing so effectively admitted themselves to some of the questions posed.

Fans asked some interesting questions mainly in relation to Delsin, our chief hero, and what powers would be available. So far we have only really see two power types – Smoke and Neon. Whilst both of these power types have so far showcased a vast array of abilities Sucker Punch eluded to that only being the beginning. Here are some of the Q&A’s listed below.

Sucker Punch have also released a recent trailer that gives gamers an insight to the morale choices Delsin will have to face. For those who have never played an Infamous game before, you were always presented with choices. Killing a foe or capturing a foe would shift your karma from good to evil. This in turn affected not only the outcome of certain story arcs but the actual powers at your disposal. Similar to being like a Jedi and having access to the dark side of the force. Previous InFamous games made being a bad boy a very tempting proposition in light of the powers that were on hand. It will be interesting to see how the choices effect the game this time around. The trailer below shows two different outcomes and where the story can lead based on one decision.

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