The Order 1886: What’s It All About?

The Order: 1886 is coming exclusively to the PS4 and is expected to hit our shelves sometime around Q3 2014. But what do we know about this title? Until recently it was shrouded in mystery. Let Twinstickgaming introduce you to the ins and outs of what is to come.

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The Order is set throughout the industrial revolution and revolves around some of the actual events that happened during this time. However, the developers of The Order, Ready at Dawn, have mixed fact with supernatural sci-fi to weave their own ‘historic’ tale.

In the fictional world, The Order was originally founded by (the mythical) King Arthur who banded together his Knights of the round table to fight the monstrous Half-Breeds and protect humanity. For centuries, The Order has sought out individuals who will join them in their plight. In doing so, each Knight must give up their past and future, to solely dedicate themselves to The Order. Those who prove themselves worthy will earn a new name based on the the Knights of the original round table.

the order 102Cleverly, Ready at Dawn have incorporated the industrial revolution into The Order’s fictional history, suggesting that the revolution actually happens as a result of the on going war against the half breed. Humans, as a necessity, must make technological advances to tip the war in their favour. This grants the Knights access to the most advance weapons in history. Albeit many of these advance weapons appear to be a little too advanced for the time, but Ready at Dawn appear to want to have a little fun with their title, yet still keep it within the realms of possibility.

The Order is a squad based 3rd person shooter, with interesting combat sequences as the video below will show. The video suggests that you can choose to execute enemies or allow them to live but the decision must be made split second and could possibly have some very differing outcomes. Below is an Interview with Ready at Dawn that features game play footage.

Players take on the role of Sir Galahad, one of the Elder Knights. Creative director Ru Weerasuriya told GameInformer, that Ready at Dawn’s Galahad is based on the tales of the original, in that he is gallant and one of the most skilled knights. Those hoping for a Monty Python version may be disappointed.

Throughout the game, Galahad will find himself challenged not only by the Half-Breeds, but the very people he has sworn to protect. A revolt against The Order takes place as many peasants feel they have been let down and abandoned by their would-be protectors. This faction believe that the poor are being left to suffer and starve as a result of the industrial revolution, and that it is only the rich who will benefit from this war. Ru Weerasuriya has suggested it is these events that will redefine our hero during the game, “He’s the blank canvas that you start painting on,[…]Everything that is going to happen in this game is going to define who he is. And it’s going to bring back who he was – who he has repressed.”

“Who he has repressed”? I expect Galahad’s history to catch up with him, especially if The Order forcibly makes you give up all of your past for the good of mankind.

Of course Ru Weerasuriya could be referring to Lady Igraine, a beautiful young warrior who has trained her way through the ranks and is a devout believer in The Orders mission. But there is definitely tension between these two. However, the developers have suggested that the rules of The Order and Igraine’s devout nature may prevent them from acting upon it entirely. Is this the feelings of repression they are referring too?

the order 103So far the other squad members are made up of Sir Percival and Marquis de Lafayette. Sir Percival is the most battle worn Knight in Galahad’s squad. His tempered nature of The Order itself have made Galahad and Percival close friends. Marquis de Lafayette is the newest member of the squad and has yet to earn his knightly title, yet he has an accomplished past fighting in both the French and American revolutions. Marquis is also based on a real historical figure.

While many aspects of this game still remain a mystery, many critics were invited to a media event where they were shown a controlled demo. Many of these ‘hands off demo’s’ can be disappointing, as the viewer usually just wants to get on and play. They never really get a sense whether the game is actually any good. This time however, critics were blown away. GameInformer even said it was “one of the most visually impressive games we’ve ever seen.”

Whether The Order will be a hit is yet to be determined. One major advantage this title has, is that it is one of the few original I.P’s confirmed for next gen. Should games be few and far between in the first year of launch, The Order has a chance of being snapped up by many desperate to play something new.

Although should The Order: 1886 be released in Q3, as expected, it could see the opposite effect. The annual money making titles such as COD, Battlefield, Assassin’s Creed and Fifa will be on the horizon, often sowing up the purses and wallets of many a spender. The key will be down to how the game is presented to the public and the timing of its release. From what we’ve seen so far, and also how willing Sony are to back up their exclusive titles, we hope this one is a hit.

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