Infamous: Second Son – Who is Fetch?

infamous fetchFrom what we can discern about Sucker Punch’s Infamous: Second Son, events take place after Infamous 2. Delsin is one of the ‘afflicted,’ which means he possesses superhuman abilities. These abilities have lead people to live in fear of the ‘afflicted’ as many are using their powers against government oppression, who in turn are labeling them as ‘bio-terrorists.’

At the centre of all this is Delsin, one of the super humans, and his brother Reggie, who is a cop attempting to keep his brother out of trouble and out of the prying eyes of the government. But Delsin is trouble personified. He must choose between family, the correct moral choice, or helping those who are just like him – a more complex decision.

Abigail ‘Fetch’ Walker is a conduit, just like Delsin. She has been labelled a bio-terrorist but frequently professes that she isn’t and that she has ‘never hurt an innocent person in her life.’ She doesn’t class drug dealers as innocent.

All of this leads to Delsin having to choose and follow the lawful path – that his brother Reggie hopes he will take -or whether to allow Fetch to wreak havoc on those who deal in drugs. A moral dilemma for most people, something with which Infamous: Second Son will constantly test players.

What we don’t know at this time is how integral Fetch will be. Will she constantly be there pulling on the heart strings of Delsin? Or is she just a bit part player in what promises to be a huge, expansive, free-roam, action packed story? All we know so far is that by choosing to apprehend her or support her will create two very different outcomes to the story.

Infamous: Second Son is out March 21st 2014 exclusively for PS4. Check out the ‘Fetch’ trailer below.