Exclusive Gameplay Footage Of The Order 1886

the order 102At last, the moment PS4 fans have been waiting for. Sony and Ready at Dawn’s The Order 1886 finally has some gameplay footage for us to feast our eyes over. Albeit the trailer is very short and only reveals a small amount of gameplay mixed with in game cinematics, but we are finally getting an idea of what The Order is actually about.

From what the gameplay shows, you get a sense that Ready at Dawn wanted to bring players very close to the action. Most third person cover shooters have a wide camera angle, revealing the entire character and enabling gamers to scope the battlefield clearly. Whilst The Order isn’t necessarily taking away all of your peripheral vision, the camera is close to the main character, Sir Galahad, making the action feel that more intense and personal.

There are also quick time events and cinematic combat sequences, how much control you have over the combat is unclear as discerning the difference between cinematics and gameplay is actually difficult, but also visually impressive. Although not quite the same, the one 3rd person cover shooter you could potentially liken The Order too is the Uncharted series, which revolutionised story telling with in game action cinematics. If Uncharted is remotely a source of inspiration then The Order 1886 stands a good chance of not just being classed as another generic 3rd person shooter.

Enjoy the trailer below.


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