Titanfall: Meet the Titans.

Respawn, the developers behind Titanfall, have released details about three of the Titans available for players to pilot. Below is a run down of the loadout and perks of each Titan. OGRE titan_chassis_ogre_img_med (1) This walking tank is exactly that, a tank. The monster is the bullet sponge of the group. Heavy armour and a ton of offensive tools means this guy will almost always be the last to go down. This Titan would be ideal for defence duties when holding a capture point. With its high damage threshold and ability to survive longer it’s a great tactical tool. Soaking up incoming suppressive fire and generally taking the majority of the enemy’s attacks could allow other pilots or Titans to flank. Combine this power house with the Strider and the enemy will go down in no time. ___________________________________________________________________ STRIDER stryder_content_titan (1)Fast and agile, the Strider class with its enhanced dash ability focuses on speed and skill. Weak armour gives this Titan a great deal of extra movement speed but you’ll go down after a few well placed shots. To counter this, the Strider gets an extra dash point and the quickest recharge of all three of them. This class of Titan is perfect for the more experienced player. Movement speed and control allow you to circle and dominate the slower Titans. Tactically, these guys are best suited to flanking the enemy, hitting hard and fast from the side lines. Switching these titans to auto pilot is not a smart option either, as even a few lucky A.I. minions are enough to greatly damage them. A good strategy is to use two Striders and an OGRE together. Lead with the heavily armoured OGRE, this guy can take a boat load of damage and not even blink. Have the to Striders pop out from behind the OGRE to unleash rocket pods or have them flank in a pair while you tank takes the heat. ___________________________________________________________________ ATLAS Atlas_content_titan_1If you played the recent beta you’ll be familiar with this Titan. The standard Atlas Titan is the middle ground between the other two classes. A fair balance between speed and armour. This is the Titan you should be starting with. He’s not the best looking of the bunch either, but he can still hold his own on the battlefield. If you’re the type of player who likes to call in his Titan and let it run amok on its own, then the Atlas is the one for you. In autopilot mode the Atlas can be devastating to the opposing team. ___________________________________________________________________ With the release less than a month away we’ll be keeping you up to date with all the latest news and details on Titanfall. Expect to see some gameplay videos, weapon guides and more.

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