Ready At Dawn Explain The Mythology Behind The Order 1886

the order londonReady At Dawn’s CEO and Creative Director of The Order 1886Ru Weerasuriya, has posted a video on Youtube, which briefly explains the mythology about his alternate timeline in how a group, know as The Order, were originally formed by King Arthur to fight a evil race known as the Half Breeds.

The video explains the history and ethos behind how Ready at Dawn came to create their universe. The Order 1886 attempts to combine elements that were of the time with advance futuristic technology, which comes as a result of the boom of the industrial revolution. A revolution that became a necessity due to the war with the Half Breeds. But with this extravagant spending on new technology the poor are beginning to suffer and The Order must face a war on two fronts as they are drawn into a battle between the classes.

Check out Ru Weerasuriya’s video below.

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