Infamous: Second Son – “The Players Influenced The Future Of The Franchise”

infamous 101In a recent interview with GamerHub, Sucker Punch’s Nate Fox explains how fans of the previous InFamous games influenced the story and history of InFamous: Second Son.

(Spoilers) If you haven’t played InFamous 2 you may want to turn away but for those who do know, InFamous 2’s hero Cole (or anti-hero depending on the choices you made) has a tough decision to make at the end of the game. Cole must choose to save humanity by sacrificing himself or alternatively Cole can, according to Fox “stay alive at the expense of humanity.” From collected trophy information, a majority of players on their first play through choose to sacrifice Cole. This in turn actually determined the universe Infamous: Second Son would be set in.

Should Cole have survived, the world surrounding InFamous: Second Son would have turned out very differently. Those hoping to see Cole make some kind of a cameo may be disappointed, although I would certainly expect to see signs of his legacy dotted throughout the game. Also, whether Sucker Punch have a contingency plan for Cole is another matter. Many may find it hard to believe that Sucker Punch’s original chief character could be written off altogether on the whims of the players. Expect their to be a plot hole in their somewhere that can miraculously explain his return.

However, should Nate Fox stay true to the choices of the players themselves, it will be interesting to see what twists and turns the franchise takes in the future. Especially in light of the fact Infamous: Second Son needs at least two play throughs to remotely cover everything hidden within the game. Yes, in the Interview Nate Fox (like all good developers who want you to play their game over and over) alludes to the fact that if you wish to uncover everything hidden within the game, you must play as the good samaritan and the evil villain.

Unlike the previous Infamous, which sees players handle situations in either a good or bad way, the outcome primarily remained relatively the same. Cole was either a hero or anti-hero as a result of his actions, never really a monstrous villain (with th todd exception). In Infamous: Second Son you are either the hero or the villain. When GamerHub ask Nate Fox “is there a grey area as far as morality goes?” he states; “(your decisions) are clearly sign posted, there is in no ambiguity to what you are doing,

Infamous: Second Son is out March 21st exclusively on PS4 – Check out the full interview below.

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