Watchdogs and The Crew – Could We See A Big Double Announcement?


Last year, the build up for Watchdogs was immense. Touted as one of the best and exciting new I.P’s coming to next gen, it was originally even going to be bundled with the PS4 at launch. But it seemed fate reared its ugly head and knocked this game all the way to 2014. Everyone was desperate for a new release date; Ubisoft could only bring themselves to say “some time in spring.”  It all just seemed so far away.

Since Watchdogs was delayed, all had been quiet on the western front. Ubisoft weren’t even dropping any hints or previews to keep people enticed. Everything just went dead. Maybe Aiden Pearce hacked into the network and ended Ubisoft’s dreams?

Over the last week however, there has been a flurry of activity. Mainly from representatives at Ubisoft, who love to Twitter away. “Morning Watchdogs Crew” followed by the hash tag “#bigweek” all of a sudden got everybody talking. One thing eagle eyed viewers may have noticed (once they calmed down from the excitement), is the use of the word “crew” – The Crew is another of Ubisoft’s upcoming titles, delayed since the end of 2013. Could this be coincidence? Or could we see a possible double announcement for both Watchdogs and The Crew?

Further fuel was given to the Watchdogs fire when a competition was temporarily spotted on the PSN website stating; “find out the release date in this new trailer”. The competition has since been removed and but the banner with the broken link remains with text saying “Watch_Dogs is on its way…”

Interestingly, the Playstation Network states that Watchdogs release date is in fact June 30th. This is likely a placeholder as the 30th falls on a Monday and is the last day of Q2. Besides, Ubisoft, shortly after Christmas, announced the game would be due spring.


Fans may have been disappointed by the delay, but it was the reasons that left the gaming community dumbfounded. Alain Martinez, of Ubisoft, originally stated that the delays were due to the poor sales of Rayman and Splinter Cell back in 2013. This gave Ubisoft time to consolidate and  focus on their cash cow Assassin’s Creed. Many sceptics suspected the game wasn’t ready or that GTA V’s brilliance had thrown a spanner in the works, forcing Ubisoft to re-evaluate their highly anticipated title.

Either way, stay posted with Twinstickgaming as we expect there to be lots of announcements over the coming weeks.

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